Personal Statement Examples

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    Personal Statement Examples. Statement of purpose examples.

    A Personal Statement, or Statement of Purpose, is a form of essay that you write and present during the graduate school application process. Personal Statement, or Statement of Purpose, provides you an invaluable opportunity to describe your academic and professional preparation relevant to your intended graduate program and profession. In short, Personal Statement, or Statement of Purpose, should prove that you are the candidate that your proposed program is looking for.

    During our vernal age, we have this great opportunity to write a Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose. An impressive Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose could significantly enhance our opportunity to gain admission into a college, a graduate school, an engineering school, a business school, or a law school. A high-quality Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose could also help during the scholarship-awarding process.

    Below are several examples to illustrate how you should write a Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose.

    How to write a personal statement or a statement of purpose essay?

    A common strategy is to write one of the life experiences that motivated you to pursue your chosen academic/research discipline. An alternative approach can write an experience during which you overcome a challenge, which in turn inspired you towards your chosen academic/research area. In either case, emphasize how the experiences motivated you towards your career decision rather than listing extensive details that will do nothing but bore the admissions committee.

    To start your personal statement, or statement of purpose, you may talk about one of your research projects, or your overseas exchange program. Then state how this experience has helped to shape, define and subsequently refine your academic and career aspiration. Below are Personal Statement examples and Statement of Purpose examples.

    • Graduate program in Finance or Financial Engineering: ” Since my young age, I have become fascinated with mathematics, which explains interrelations among many natural and social phenomena in an intricate manner. My computational interest in turn led me to choose MSc in Finance program at LSE during my undergraduate studies at Fudan University. “
    • Graduate program in Business Analytics: “The evolution of the Internet and smartphones has generated massive volumes of data. As such, businesses around the world are seeking innovative technologies to analyze, visualize and utilize data to facilitate critical business strategies. Having matriculated in Computer Science at Tsinghua University in the past three years, I feel it is the logical step for me to pursue MSc Business Analytics studies at the University of Edinburgh. “
    • Graduate program in Accounting: ” During the old-time, bean-counting is the way by which people sense of their earnings and expenditures. Likewise, modern accountants leverage innovate technologies and modern managerial concepts to interpret business operations. Considering the importance of accounting for modern business management, I aspire to pursue the MSc Accounting and Finance program offered by LSE.”
    • Graduate program in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science: ” According to Greek mythology, Vulcan created powerful weapons for many deities. Like Vulcan, chemical or materials engineers develop innovative materials (or products) to serve mankind. I am therefore looking for an opportunity to start my Ph.D studies in Chemical Engineering (or Materials Science) at Virginia Tech University. “
    • Graduate program in Computer Science: ” We are living in an era where information technology becomes dominant. As such, both for-profit and non-profit organizations need to build smart and responsive systems to best serve their existent and potential clients. My academic goal is to earn an M.S. Computer Science degree at Imperial College to facilitate my career development. “
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