Physical exercise is much more important for the old than the young.

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  • han shuhua
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    December 26, 2021 at 12:36 pm

    Physical exercise is much more important for the old than the young.

    To begin with, health does a vital role in our life, because we are living in a health-oriented society where the people always focus on personal health so highly that they are willing to do everything benefiting their health, such as shopping expensive medicine to keeping healthy and so on. But for reasons, there are different habits and ways for living or relaxing between the young and the old. As for the old, they go for slow and gentle ways in life. To be more specific, they may tend to walk around the park, have a chit-chat with their friends, walk a dog and look for a partner who can play chess with them in their free time. As you know, clearly, they have done physical exercise in daily life. So they don’t need extra physical exercise.

    In addition, it is the fierce competition that causes the problem to the young, for example, headache, sleep deprivation and huge pressure. The reason why the young would have these problems is that we have no choice but to do efforts on our work, with little time to relax. Generally, the young are likely to play video games or watch videos in their spare time. As a result, the young need extra physical exercise than the old, due to the reason that they are sedentary for a long time in order to make money or earn a life and entertain, whatever you name it.

    The last but not least, the young can build up a social network and meet the people from all walks by doing sports. In details, they can do team sports such as basketball to bond a tie with their colleague. By doing this, they get a chance to know how to cooperate with others rather than pay attention to themselves. In the end, the efficiency will be guaranteed.

    To sum up, by giving above discussion, I personally prefer that it is more important to do physical exercise for the young than the old.

    December 27, 2021 at 4:19 pm

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