Prefer to buy new technological products as soon as it is available or wait?

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  • felicity
    University: Peking Univ
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    March 15, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    With the massive development of technology, we are accustomed to being equipped with all kinds of technological devices, from the most widely-used cellphone to some cutting-edge advanced tidal current product. Some people take it as a symbol of social status, so they will get access to those products as soon as they are available, while some people will choose to wait. In my opinion, I would choose the latter, because the decision is more cost-effective as well as much safer.

    Admittedly, a newly-released electronic product comes with a variety of virtues. Not only are they more attractive in the appearance due to the novel design, but also they are armed with some state-in-art technologies, such as infrared camera, or the function of automatic retrieving. As a result, some people will choose to acquire these products upon their arrival, even if they are costly and will take a huge amount of time for people to wait in line. However, in my point of view, these alleged virtues still need time to testify. For example, the tragic accidents about BOEING 737 MAX8 are unforgettable, the technology of which is undoubtedly the most advanced, nevertheless, it has cost over 300 lives of people, which is one of the most tragedies in airline history. Because of the uncertainty about the aircraft type, it has been grounded.

    To begin with, before we make any decision to buy an electronic product, it is important that we take into consideration the factor of safety, which should be our first priority. The battery explosion of Samsung cellphone has sounded the alarm for us. More importantly, the harm to us sometimes is not evident. Take the cell phone for example. A newly-released smart phone constantly brag about their strong signal; however, it has been tested by many experiments that stronger signals invariably accompanied by a higher level of radiation, not to mention the danger that a reckless new design will bring. If we choose to wait for a few months until the features and functions have been tested by the market, that will be a wiser choice.

    In addition, the price is another essential needed to be count in when we make the purchase decision. As we all know, a novel device always comes with a costly price, some of which is not reasonable. The marketers precisely meet the demands of those target consumers: rich and take the new electronic device as a bragging tool. However, to most of the average people, the dear price has outweighed the true value of the product, which make it more reasonable to buy it until several months later, when the price will slump to half of it. For example, when iPhone Xs MAX first appeared on the market several months ago, its price was over twelve thousand RMB, but when you buy it now, you can have the same product with no different function for just eight thousand, which is heart-breaking to those people who choose to taste the first bite of it.

    To conclude, although an advanced technological device is appealing in many ways, its safety and the insane price should also be taken into consideration when we make a decision.

    March 16, 2019 at 1:56 am

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