Public Health Statement of Purpose

  • March 16, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    [I published this sample essay in 2010, after which numerous Chinese go-abroad agents and ESL training institutions plagiarized this article. By citing part of this essay and search it online, you will find the organizations that stole my essay.]

    Discouraged by this bad experience, I stopped publishing Statement of Purpose sample essays. Over the last decade, I have developed much better knowledge about how to write a winning Statement of Purpose in terms of content, format and its relevance to the applicant’s intended graduate program, so by my current measurement, this is a BAD essay indeed.]

    I am currently completing the last year of a five-year Bachelor of Science program in clinical medicine at xxx University. I have pursued my studies with the earnestness of someone motivated by a sense of calling. I am nearing the end of this first stage in my professional development and I approach that end with a heightened sense of the value of the path I have chosen to take. As I approach the completion of this first stage, I find myself more eager than ever to assume new responsibilities and tackle new challenges.

    I have sought experiences that exposed me to a wide variety of health care settings and health care responsibilities: public health research, data analysis, laboratory research, hands-on patient care in a hospital environment. All have helped me understand better what role I want to play within the world of health-care.

    My objective is to earn myself a role in designing and managing effective, efficient and affordable healthcare systems. Public health is a vast undertaking, combining professionals from a wide variety of health-care backgrounds. It is also an engine of human health, a guarantor of prosperity and development throughout the world. The proven quality of your institution’s graduate program in public health is precisely the academic environment in which I wish to develop the myriad skills I will need to be an effective leader in public health.

    The field of public health is inherently beset with numerous challenges. Health is a challenge in every sense of the word. It is a challenge to educate people regarding healthy living. It is a challenge to provide health care systems that are efficient and responsive to the needs of all healthcare users. It is a challenge to create a public health environment that manages to sustain and increase levels of health within a society. 21st-century public health is an organic undertaking that seeks to generate health by preempting ill-health while providing healing and nurture. Organic, because it must strive to seed a society with good health and do so in cooperation with all the members of a society. It encompasses the expertise, skill and innovation of large numbers of professionals and the participation of all of a society’s citizens. Achieving ever greater levels of health in societies around the globe is the greatest challenge I see in the field of modern public health.

    I have ambition. I am driven by my calling and by a sincere sense of duty with regards to the individual I am setting out to serve. My academic record attests to this. I have engaged with the field of public health in my studies and in my work in a very personal and proactive manner. The field of public health is vast and I have tried to tailor the scope of my experiences to that very magnitude, to absorb as much knowledge as possible, in order that I might myself bring new insight and strong skills to the field.

    I have proven clinical skills, honed by hands-on research and work in the field. Quality medical research and medical practice are invaluable components of sound public health policy, and I have pursued both with equal enthusiasm and dedication.

    I have strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, both essential to success in the field of public health, where communication is a fundamental necessity in ensuring positive healthcare outcomes for all healthcare users. Furthermore, communication is essential to maintaining and strengthening the inter-disciplinary bonds that together form an effective health care system.