see movie first or read the original book first?

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    July 11, 2019 at 9:31 am

    As 3D technology rapidly develops,films and television bring us with shocking visual effect.One of the most popular is the movies and a majority of them are adapted from book.Therefore,when it comes to see movie first or read the original book first,some people advocate that seeing it first because it is easy to appreciate the vision and hearing of movie.Nevertheless,personally I would like to read book first then enjoy movie and there are some reasons and details below could support my opinion. However,words have special magical power that movie couldn’t exceed.

    First and foremost,watching movie first may limits my imagination and guides my thinking,while reading doesn’t have this concern.I can imagine figures through my life experience and casually depict plot and story on my own.Even so some actors or actresses may are unlikely to perfectly manifest unreal figures .For example,The harry potter was a originally  magical novel,which later was adapted for movie.When I read book,it left me a huge space to imagine such as the appearance of the characters,the landscapes and the bizarre buildings.However,after watching movie,I found that what was displayed on the screen was totally different from what I thought.Hermione is played by Emma stone,but I think she should look like am angel with humor.That huge difference between movie and book lets me lose interest on the original book.

    Besides, the director may deletes some important  details in movie ,especially those brilliant and affecting ,and it is hard to present some exquisite and complex psychological descriptions in movie.So movie may loses audiences attention and lets audiences down.For instance,Be my guests is a novel and adapts for movie.In the book,there are plenty of details depicting heroine’s complicated psychology when she has to choose between  career and her lover in book,while the director straightly deleted it in adaptation.So the effect greatly give a discount and the movie received bad booking office.

    Admittedly,there are a lot of movies successfully exhibit wonderful plots and stories and some of them even outweigh the original books’ fame.However,it very strictly testifies director’ ability.And many actually let audiences down who even give up reading the books.So when my favorite books will be adapted for movies,I usually am sick at heart.

    Compared to watching movies,reading book could not only cultivate our imagination ability,but most important train our logical ability.Without complete logistic power,watching movies will lose meaning.

    July 13, 2019 at 8:03 pm


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