Some people think that the increasing use of computers and mobile phones in comm

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  • Vicky
    University: Donghua
    Nationality: Taiwan
    August 4, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    An increasing number of people have initiated a discussion on whether technology can affect the life of human species. Some believe the prevalence of using high tech devices to communicate is harmful to youngster’s reading and writing skills. While others stand on the totally opposite side of my perspective. Even though I have a tendency to believe in the former argument, ideas of either as well as my own voices will be discussed and elaborated in this essay.

    First and foremost, the reliance on the computer and mobile phones take a large part of influence to youngster’s capacity of writing. In this generation, people perceive typing as their daily lives when there’s a chance to talk with others. And social media or APPs coming up all the time. Gradually, people are familiar with using simple words to get in touch with others. This may diminish their capacity to write an article or even a paragraph. With those high tech technologies, youngsters would face such difficulties as they get to an older age.

    Moreover, youngsters could decline their ability of reading with watching videos and visual features on phones of computers. Therefore, they will be unwilling to read articles or papers for being used to get information or news on their technology devices. For example, people often read the news on APPs or computers. But humans tend to watch pictures or videos but not words, so that would make newspaper being less read in our everyday lives. Thus, the representation of the high youngsters captivate the high tech devices more the engage in the reading.

    All things considered, I need to reiterate that computers and mobile phones would cause a great impact on youngster’s ability in reading and writing. My reason for this thesis are technology devices do harm to younger people.