Sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries.

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    April 16, 2019 at 4:57 am

    Sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries.

    Facing with more and more fierce competition in job market and focusing on more advanced educational background,where the educational budgets should be devoted to rises to a hot topic.Some people claim that putting money on classes and libraries,while others believe that an equal amount of financial support should be given to sports and social activities since these activities complement to classes and libraries.From my perspective,sports and social activities make a complete campus life together with classes and libraries.And there are several reasons support my opinion.

    On the one hand,doing exercises could improve physical condition and help children become more healthier than a sedentary life.Without a strong body,it is hard to participate in class and discuss with teachers and other classmates.Also a sedentary life could cause a series of diseases such as obesity and diabetes,which could disturb children’s attention.Take my own experience for example,when I was prepared to the college entrance examination,I found I always drop hair,which did harm to a girl’s confidence since every girl pays so much attention on her looking.Then I visited my doctor who recommended I should leave at least one hour every day to do exercises.Thanks to his suggestion,I found I not only became more active and didn’t drop hair,but most important easily paid attention to my study.And after a hour,I released extra fat and felt more relaxed,which meant a lot in my examination.Because I was never confident and always doubt my study ability.According to my own experience,I find doing sports could perfectly help my study.

    On the other hand,There is something could not supply in class.Only actively taking part in social activities can we become more independent and out going.Also It is good way for us to get access to all kinds of people.For instance,we could make several best friends and learn some precious experience for predecessors and the experienced people who could give us some guidance and help us avoid some unnecessary mistakes and problems when we get into troubles .Therefore we may easily overcome difficulties.For example,I would like to join in some clubs after class such as English club that could help me improve my spoken,literature club that could cultivate my interests and speech club that could help me gain more confidence and sharpen my social abilities.Due to my positive participation in social clubs,I had received several offers from international companies after graduation.Since nowadays when Human resource mangers recruit new workers who more and more focus on the whole abilities of interviewers such as education degree ,whether or not could get along with other coworkers,creativity and implementation capacity.

    Although excessively taking part in sports and social activities could influence study,I think the advantages of these activities outweigh/precede the disadvantages.And as teachers and parents should supervise children all the time.Therefore,these problems will not emerge in study life.More important social activities and sports could support and help children in job market competitions.

    April 16, 2019 at 8:27 pm

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