Statement of Purpose for Chemical Engineering

  • xmx
    University: South China University of Technology
    Nationality: Chinese
    September 20, 2019 at 3:28 am

    There is a clear mapping to me. When you choose to pursue an advanced degree in science and technology at a university career that you respect, I want to be proficient in the science of my chosen field and to be as proficient as possible on the basis of personal excellence. My hometown needs special professionals from an international perspective, and they are the masters of their profession at the forefront of their field of chemical engineering. I believe that the education I will receive at XXX University will prepare me for all these challenges.

    Out of a sense of responsibility and true interest, I am very passionate about research, I am fully committed to learning; and a scientific paper to be published. I am proficient in three world languages, which will help me learn and thrive. In a multicultural academic and professional environment, in short, I am proud to be able to give your respected organization the ability to submit your application, and to absorb the wealth of experience and knowledge I am looking forward to as I will live during my graduate studies.

    I am very much looking forward to and respecting the postgraduate course in chemical engineering that I will submit your application to. Since I was in school, my family and I have prepared for the next stage of my academic career. Therefore, I carefully considered the place where my special talents may be fully developed and concluded that your institution, through its excellence in chemical engineering and its related disciplines, the diversity of its student bodies and modern facilities, is that I can A place to improve your expertise and skills to become an accomplished scientist.

    Ambitious goals require a lot of investment during my five-year undergraduate career. Therefore,  I devoted myself to the academic world without reservation, which significantly improved my computational and experimental knowledge and skills in the fields of chemical and chemical engineering. I concluded with satisfactory results and my computational and experimental knowledge and skills. The scholarship I received proved this. In addition, I enthusiastically participated in research projects, which significantly improved in the fields of chemical and chemical engineering. Finally, my internship at major chemical engineering companies in China helped me gain a better understanding of theoretical knowledge.

    I am from a national postgraduate course in chemical engineering at XXX University, which is in the midst of a historic transformational struggle, which is particularly attractive for the importance of research and innovation. You can further hone your abilities, and as this pace accelerates, professionals in all fields are required to lead the process. XXX University is an ideal environment, and the wisdom of all human cultures is openly shared when seeking greater cooperation and progress in all efforts. I further believe that the diversity of student groups is an important part of a thriving knowledge environment, and Gain the expertise to succeed in chemically demanding workplaces. In this environment, Finally, I have the opportunity to succeed in postgraduate study and research. The vast array of modern facilities available to students in chemical engineering will give me the opportunity to learn and collaborate with professors.