Statement of Purpose for Master of Finance Pennsylvania State University

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  • September 24, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    Here is the Statement of Purpose essay submitted (via WeChat) by a student for Pennsylvania State University Master of Finance program.

    “Statement of Purpose — In one page, describe your short- and long-term professional goals and how enrolling in the Penn State Master of Finance program would help you achieve them. It should also include your expectations of the Master of Finance program and the skills and strengths you would bring to the cohort. Upload your one-page statement to the online application.”

    Like the apples in the tree, I think that taking full advantage of it is our responsibility to mature and fall. I am proud of the opportunities I realize. This kind of auspicious situation can’t be easily abandoned, so when the opportunity comes, and seize the ones that have already landed in my direction.

    As an undergraduate at Portland State University, a transfer student, in order to seek knowledge and skills in business and management, I strive to absorb as much knowledge as possible, as well as other relevant academic fields and maximize the development of relevant skills. I received a scholarship for the enthusiasm and dedication of the academic community. My success has been recognized by my professors and peers and clearly demonstrates my passion for the challenge.

    Now, for 40 years, China has opened its doors to the outside world. Therefore, China calls for a new generation of talents to manipulate it to achieve economic progress unmatched anywhere else in the world. Therefore, I am seeking to earn a graduate degree in financial analysis by registering with PSU’s MSFA program, and I believe I will collect the economic potential of basic expertise in finance and accounting and get a practical methodology to deal with my development challenges.

    After fully understanding this point, the Chinese idiom is that the pie will not fall from the sky, and I strive to pursue excellence, whether as a student or a professional individual. People or my educational experience in Chinese universities and American universities with strong communication and analytical skills have given me a good foundation in business. As a result, I can speak Chinese and English now, and I have a good grasp of Korean. In addition, I as a top student am very skilled in mathematics, I have a high degree of computer knowledge.

    I value these values, so I  inherited them academically, diligently and responsibly high values ​​from my parents and teachers. A harmonious society requires a comprehensive individual and ethical business leaders to pursue excellence in shaping their full-capacity citizen roles, and I want to become the role model of my personal ambition and my ethical business ethics.

    I will get the most advanced knowledge from your expert faculty, I believe that your MSFA program will help me thrive in all of my personal and professional development as well, and because of your high quality education, some knowledge will be enhanced by their excellent academic qualifications. The company’s experience to prove that I believe in my beliefs. I am confident in this. In addition, opportunities to further improve my practical skills in participating projects in local businesses will be attained.

    To attain the rigors of the challenge to get fruits of life I must understand this philosophy that has underpinned my studies to date, and will continue to do so. In choosing your program I am confident the disciplined rigours required for me will considerably strengthen and reinforce my conceptuation and contemplation. The prospect of a yearning facing and conquering such challenges excites me, and I have to be part of your student body.

    I assume the important leadership responsibilities on the Chinese campus. I can describe myself as a demeanor, responsible, passionate, and reassuring person. This makes me a contribution to your plan as a pair of learning. We will go all out to pursue excellence. I am full of expectations that I have set a high goal for myself. This has always been a force in my life, and I have always used this power as an encouragement. As a member of the graduate group, applying for admission to your course indicates that I continue to do so. I believe that I will achieve even greater achievements.


    September 25, 2019 at 1:10 am

    Score: 51.2 [80 is the minimum score to meet the standard of a high-quality Statement of Purpose essay.]

    I will send you screenshots to illustrate the issues concerning your essay.


    Lin Qiu