Statement of Purpose for Mechanical Engineering

  • Bethany
    University: Dalian University of Technology
    Nationality: China
    October 8, 2019 at 11:16 pm

    Statement of Purpose for Mechanical Engineering

    I hope that , through the chance of mechanical engineering during postgraduate and doctoral studies, I will deepen my understanding and mastery of mechanical disciplines, and come up with theories or achievements with higher practical value to solve real-life problems and bring more convenience to our lives. In addition, the Chinese economy has developed rapidly in the past few decades, and the manufacturing industry has also flourished. However, this progress has not brought about the same speed of mechanical core technology improvement, China is still far behind the leading countries in the industrial and mechanical fields. This is also one of the reasons why I hope to continue my studies in the field of machinery. I feel that I have the responsibility to make efforts for the progress of the Chinese machinery industry.

    I studied mechanical design, manufacturing and automation at Dalian University of Technology and currently have a one-year exchange at the University of California, Irvine. During my time at the university, I have a solid knowledge base in mechanical engineering by attending many compulsory courses and elective courses, including mathematical models, computer control, programming languages, databases, and software.

    I actively participated in various professional competitions and academic activities, which gave me a broad understanding of mechanical engineering and its links with more research fields. Among them, an experience that impressed me a lot was the establishment of a 3D model of the lunar camp building robot. In this project, I was the project leader, led the other two members, and consulted a large amount of information. We tried to choose the mechanical structure design and mechanical equipment of this robot makes it more adaptable to the working environment on the moon, and can successfully complete the construction and maintenance of the lunar camp. Throughout the process, I deeply understood that the design of the product and the solution of the problem required a large amount of relevant background knowledge and flexible application. I not just learned the knowledge in the classroom, but also felt the enthusiasm and happiness of academic research and problem solving. Therefore, I hope to have more opportunities to participate in research projects and improve my academic ability. And I will always maintain a love of research.

    In my sophomore year, I was involved in a project to make small size obstacle-obscuring cranes. In this project, I realized more about the complexity of the manufacturing process of a mechanical product. Unlike the idealization of the design process, there was need for me to come up with the corresponding adjustment plan based on the actual situation of funds and manufacturing materials. I have personally produced the required mechanical parts by lathe machining and milling methods, so I am familiar with different basic processing methods. In this project, I also initially learned how to use MCU to write programs to control machine operation and lay the foundation for further research work in the future.

    In the future, I hope to learn more advanced courses through the master’s program, and seize more opportunities to participate in more projects, through which to find a more specific professional research direction, and continue to pursue a doctoral degree.

    October 9, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    Statement of Purpose for Mechanical Engineering

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