Statement of Purpose for PhD in Mathematics for University of Michigan

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  • Claudia
    University: Wuhan University
    Nationality: China
    September 19, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    Statement of Purpose for PhD in Mathematics for University of Michigan

    Everyone major in mathematics tend to imagine themselves to be Gauss, Galois, Abel, John Nash, or any other such genius of talents. However, most and many people are not genius actually, neither of me. For us, success is a quest, and in this quest of success one must go through trials before they attain their conceivable trials of goals. After all, there is a will, there is a way, a way not only for those gifted and smartest but for those fighting for their dreams of enrolling in MS in Mathematics or PhD in Mathematics.

    I was born into a family of doctors, not mathematicians, and form my parents I inherited the excellent virtues of precise and logical imagination, and accordingly I chose Computational Mathematics program at Dalian University of Technology, a key Chinese engineering school recognized across the country for being a good university. As an undergraduate of math major I strived to get as more knowledge as I could in mathematics, as well as in statistics and computer science and programming. My passion and devote to academia have been recognized by many professors and peers, and I am extremely grateful to them who did not let me down.

    My affection for mathematics grew bigger during my undergraduate life and years and my views of mathematics were no longer imagination of puzzles, practices and tests, but the rational thinking of numbers and basic principles of this world in which we are a part of importance. In fact, mathematics presents many a beautiful, imaginary world, a world to which I am determined to dedicate and define the rest of my life, and a world I am resolved to explore to the fullest magnitude forever in my life.

    During my undergraduate age I also strived to force me to seek and find opportunities to engage in research to work with my professors. During the work I came into contact with many and more new algorithms to which I have never exposed in my undergraduate days. In one project concerning Remeshing of Arbitrary Manifold I needed to recite many articles on Alliez, to compare the differences between former algorithms and future ones, and to program the algorithm to realize the allover process to me. By learning from my professors and by interacting with my colleagues I learnt many such things that the traditional classroom could not offer in my way.

    From the student union onto conference hall, and into the community, I was an enthusiastic participant in various activities. I enjoy conversation and I am at all time ease conversing with people from diversified and diverse backgrounds and cultures. My dedication to academia does not prepare me from developing diversified interests beyond classroom of the days. These experiences naturally further enhance and develop my communication skills and cultivated and shouldered my sense of responsibility. I enjoy cooperation, the give and take something away from or of the community; I performed well as a member of a team and you know as well as a leader to be called to you.

    Knowing fullest well that overseas studies demand unconditionally and inevitably outstanding English skills of me and excellent computer knowledge of me I made preparations accordingly. In fact, I sought aggressively like a shark the opportunities available on campus and beyond to enhance and enrich and improve my English skills, and thus have acquired many and become proficient ever in the language I choose. In addition, I became extensively and broadly computer literate by studying programming of R and Python all by myself without teaching, and thus became proficient in such as Matlab, VC and Java. I believe that my skills in English and computer are sufficient for performing the academic and research work at a rigorous Western university such as yours that may accept me.

    Seeking an advance degree overseas is a significant investment for myself and for others, and therefore I have made careful studies ever as to find and explore and decide the school and program I elected to choose or not. I believe I can extend and expand by myself my knowledge and skills by enrolling in your Doctorate program in Applied Mathematics because your Applied Mathematics program is sleeped in strategies aiming at improving students’ communications skills, computational skills and mathematical skills, the skills that will shape me into a leading scholar in the field of mathematics and beyond. I also opted for your program also because the abundant research resources and facilities available that on campus that I can take advantage of.

    To conclude, as an individual with an unquenched passion by anyone for learning anything you can be assured I will contribute my dedication to your program as I like, in the full and essential knowledge that excellence will be expected of me. I take strength for expectation for the turue; it has been a force in my life, one that I have always taken as encouragement to surpass others. I have consistently set high goals for myself, and applying for admission to your program indicates I continue to do so to chase my dreas. I believe I will achieve a great many more as a member of your graduate student body that I will enrich further.

    September 20, 2019 at 2:53 am

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