Study different or three to four subjects

  • April 16, 2019 at 4:13 pm

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    April 14, 2019 at 3:41 pm


    TOPIC (TOEFL essay):

    High-school students should study many different subjects or only three to four subjects.

    I believe studying extensive academic subjects benefits high school students more than limiting themselves to several specific disciplines.

    No doubt, focusing on limited subjects allows students to obtain profound, specialized knowledge. However, a high-school education should be an important stage for students to develop in an all-around way. From this perspective, studying extensive disciplines serves both specific and general functions.

    Firstly, studying diverse subject matters arouses each student’s interests in exploring specific fields, which benefits them in the long term. As we know, interest is the best teacher. For teenagers in high-school, restricting themselves to a  few subjects will sooner or later result in boredom. On the contrary, through exploring different subjects, we will clearly discover what we are good at and interested in. Preparing ourselves, making an ideal judgement before entering universities and selecting the correct major becomes much easier. For me, I have been interested in social science from high school even though I chose management, a synthesized social science, as my major. Now, I still try to locate knowledge in this field to determine my future career. In short, learning various disciplines opens up possibilities for students to find their interests and develop their full potentials.

    Moreover, the main purpose of a high-school education is to help students obtain common knowledge about life and science. Such elementary sciences, including physics, biology, geology and history, offer us a rich understanding of daily phenomenon. For example, why do plants grow and flowers bloom? Why does a day have 24 hours? And, why are males and females different? We can gain these answers by studying various curriculums rather than only three or four subjects. These life sciences pave the path for us to gain a comprehensive understanding about this world rather than one-sided ones. A proper knowledge base also benefits us in our lifetime no matter what professions we are in.