Television advertising directed towards young children (aged two to five) should not be allowed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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    Television advertising directed towards young children (aged two to five) should not be allowed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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    <div class=”public-DraftStyleDefault-block public-DraftStyleDefault-ltr” data-offset-key=”bv30h-0-0″><span id=”mark-type-g5hp0o9iae” class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”bv30h-0-0″>Young children are at an age gifted with vigorous curiosity which drives them to extend their recognition boundaries, and unfortunately at the same time with weak abilities to distinguish the genuine conditions of goods from the advertising tricks of description.</span></span> <span id=”mark-type-grzzhthdum” class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”bv30h-2-0″>Therefore, I consider that television advertising targeting children should be prohibited.</span></span></div>
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    <div class=”public-DraftStyleDefault-block public-DraftStyleDefault-ltr” data-offset-key=”5shu4-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”5shu4-0-0″>To be sure, advertisements with fancy special effects give children a chance to satisfy their fantastic imagination. </span><span id=”mark-type-dynatkkgbh” class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”5shu4-1-0″>However, different from cartoon or other TV series that children are repeatedly taught that cartoons are performances not fact, while products shown on television tend to allude consumers to judging that they are the same as what they look like on TV.</span></span> <span id=”mark-type-u3lr40l4tu” class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”5shu4-3-0″>What’s worse, cartoon characters displayed in the advertisement enhance credibility, which convince children that goods with these special effects can bring them magic power just like the ads.</span></span></div>
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    <div class=”public-DraftStyleDefault-block public-DraftStyleDefault-ltr” data-offset-key=”7838d-0-0″><span data-offset-key=”7838d-0-0″>Advertisements of toys or clothes may unexpectedly make inevitable comparisons among children, leading to abnormal consumption attitudes. </span><span id=”mark-type-35u362zqf8″ class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”7838d-1-0″>Certainly under no circumstance should we bring the wealth gap into children’s pure minds.</span></span> <span id=”mark-type-108sgsqtyl” class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”7838d-3-0″>Once allowed that hype of children’s toys, even slogans that “buy it to support your hero”, children would be eager to buy them.</span></span><span data-offset-key=”7838d-4-0″> Undoubtedly, this action would contribute to the unhealthy atmosphere of competition among children. </span><span id=”mark-type-i4f4of0x2e” class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”7838d-5-0″>On the other hand, the more vivid the toys are, prices rise sometimes to a surprise, thus making parents annoyed about the unreasonable demands.</span></span><span data-offset-key=”7838d-6-0″> Furthermore, the Joneses we’ve mentioned above reinforce the emotional contradiction between parents and kids. </span><span id=”mark-type-ny2t9ucd5q” class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”7838d-7-0″>As we can imagine, many families would be submerged by cries and screams when toys displayed during dinner.</span></span></div>
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    <div class=”” data-block=”true” data-editor=”a71s3″ data-offset-key=”bj0m6-0-0″>
    <div class=”public-DraftStyleDefault-block public-DraftStyleDefault-ltr” data-offset-key=”bj0m6-0-0″><span id=”mark-type-yuc8odue8t” class=”_2o8ve _162QH false false”><span data-offset-key=”bj0m6-0-0″>Though ads toward kids are making every effort to meet children’s thinking logic and avoid intrudes from thoughts of adults, these ads directed by adults somehow remain something seeming normal but improper to kids.</span></span><span data-offset-key=”bj0m6-1-0″> For example, risky tools like knives and attacking action unintentionally presented in ads,even just the imitation, may help develop kids violent tendency.</span></div>

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