The more money a person has, the more he or she should give away to charities.

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    May 2, 2021 at 7:36 am

    The more money a person has, the more he or she should give away to charities.

    Charities, classified as non-profit organizations, have the goal of helping the needy. Some people, therefore, advocate that the rich who earn more money should donate a larger sum of money to charity. I think such behavior will bring more benefits.

    Admittedly, it is not fair to compel richer people to donate what they earn because they are not obligated to do so. Well-heeled CEOs nowadays are pouring billions into amibitious projects; thus, those business titans may hide their income to avoid donations. It also runs a higher risk of discouraging less-wealthy people from helping others. Seen in this light, forcing the rich to donate more is not wise.

    However, for most business giants, they should have motivations to do good deeds in the world, through which they can show their generous spirits and desires to help others from the mold of being a stingy miser. The story of Bill Gates is familiar to everyone. Substantial donations to charity from Bill Gate could cover tuition for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and pay the huge health expenses for people suffering from COVID-19, cancer and so on.

    Perhaps, the true reason of requiring more donations from well-heeled people lies in a high expectation from civilians. The key to find a solution to this perennial dilemma is how to understand the role of charity in today’s world. Though some people may argue that business titans have no obligations to donate more for society, I agree with that such behavior will help richer people build an admirable public image. A rich man who only chases profit and refuses donation is short-sighted. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple company, is a case in point. He was once accused of selfishness and indifference for not donating any money to any charity, especially in 2010 when a horrible earthquake almost devastated a big city in China. Many disappointed customers, therefore, turned to other brands. You will find no better chance than a charity to help those wealthy entrepreneurs understand what is a win-win situation.

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