The Relationship between Human Beings and Wild Animals

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  • weijiale
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    April 10, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    At the early age of human civilization on the earth, we have been continuously developing and the existential expansion of human communities has always squeezed the habitats of animals. It is clear that humans are very intelligent and can do things that most animals can’t do. Hence, we neither advocate the rights of animals nor destroy their habitats. In a nutshell, I believe that we should live with wild animals on this earth and are a function of each other.

    For all that,  there are still a lot of people who kill animals for profit,  using  their hair as decorations and their skin as coats. It is universally acknowledged that crocodiles and lions are fierce,  but human greed is,  nothing can rival. Crocodile skin can be made into all sorts of ornaments like suitcases,  handbags,  wallets,  shoes and other items. As a result, many species of crocodiles have become endangered. When it comes to wild animals,  we can see many advertisements calling for the protection of wild animals. However,  there are still many people who do not take it seriously. They kill,  buy,  sell and even eat wild animals wantonly. As a matter of fact,  many wild animals carry viruses,  but human beings ignore them because of greed and selfishness. What`s more,  have you ever thought about what you would think if you were wild animals but hunted by humans?  Would you like to be hurt? Absolutely not willing. Some people say,  “I’m not an animal.” Have you ever thought about what animals think? Now a large number of humans are killing animals,  are the animals willingly? On no account can they be unwilling. They don’t want to die in human hands. Would they like to be hunted by you? On no account can they be unwilling. To kill and eat by every means not only makes animals face extinction,  but also damages the health of human beings.
    Among various kinds of extinct animals,  the Tasmanian Wolf  is the most tragic. Long ago,  Tasmanian Wolf lived carefree in the vast prairie,  but due to amounts of human enclosure that causes scarcity of grass. And herbivorous animals migrated to other grasslands. Hunger forced the innocent Tasmanian Wolf to plunder the animals raised by farmers. Human beings who saw them as a threat to their livelihood started hunting them and with the passage of times no Tasmanian Wolf could be seen anymore. When people realized that Tasmanian Wolf had died,  they began searching for it. In 1933, the last Tasmanian Wolf was found in the park,  but it only lived for more than 48 days. After 48 days,  the last Tasmanian Wolf disappeared from the earth forever.
    Although not all of the extinct animals are killed by humans,  for the extinction of many wild animals,  humans have an inescapable responsibility. So, I called on people to make joint efforts to protect animals