TPO 10 Integrated Writing

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    May 4, 2024 at 3:31 am

    TPO 10 Integrated Writing

    The reading proposes that the pollution hypothesis seems to be the more reliable hypothesis initially concerning the death of the sea otters. However, the lecturer reveals that the explanation of attacks by predators is more reliable.


    Firstly, according to the author, many oil rigs and other sources of poisonous chemicals exists along the Alaskan coast, which lead to the decline of the sea otter population. Nevertheless, the listening points out the fact that none of the sea otter are found died ashore weakens the pollution hypothesis. If pollution were the reason of the deaths of the sea otters, there would have been bodies ashore without a doubt; yet the fact is on the contrary.


    Secondly, the writer says the number of other mammals along the coast also decreased. The number of whales also reduced at the region. Whereas the professors attribute the decline of whales’ population to human hunting. As a result, Orcas(a predatory whale to sea otter) had to change diet to sea otter, causing the population of sea otter to decline.


    Thridly, the reading sees ocean current and other enviromental factors to be the possible reason for the uneven decline of the sea otters. While the lecturer comes up with a better explaination for this phenomenon. The population of the sea otter in regions where orcas are accessible declined a lot, as orcas are large mammal animals; yet the population of the sea almost didn’t declined in shallow and rocky places where orcas can’t access.

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