TPO 46 Integrated Writing

  • Kevin —
    University: Hainan Normal University
    Nationality: Chinese
    January 30, 2024 at 1:59 pm

    TPO 46 Integrated Writing

    In the reading, the writer talks about three benefit that record and store medical information in database. The lecture in the listening, however, believe that none of three arguments is persuasive and uses specific reasons and details to support her claim.

    To begin with, the read passage mentions that low cost is the big advantage of electronic database. In the listening, however, the professor argues that doctors are still use paper to record the basic medical information of patients so that never would them reduce the fee by using electronic records. Actually, they are afford the price not only paper but also computer.

    In addition, the read passage states that using database could prevent many errors because of  strict process and standard. On the contrary, the lecture disagree with this idea by demonstrating the same fact that people still use paper to record the original information. And then they just import the information by scanning rather than writing. In that case, they wouldn’t avoid the mistakes make before just because change the computer.

    The last but not least, the writer points out that electronic records may lead doctors to communicate and therefore improve the research level. Yet the lecture finds this view indefensible because it’s not necessary procedure for hospital. In fact, all hospitals are pay attention to keep privacy, setting up the tremendous amount of permission to prevent others collecting and using these information. So if they wouldn’t like to share the skills and knowledge in reality, it’s also impossible for them to obtain it in database.

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