TPO 65 Integrated Writing

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    May 4, 2024 at 9:02 am

    TPO 65 Integrated Writing

    The reading proposes three problem tuna farming has faced. However, the lecturer argues that further researchs reveal that tuna farming might be promising.

    Firstly, the writer states that the captives to tuna will reduce the wild tuna population, as eggs won’t be laid in captivity. Nevertheless, the listening claims scientists have found a breakthrough. Through injecting horome into the female tuna, they can lay eggs reliably. So the population of the wild tuna don’t have to decline.

    Secondly, the author points out that tuna raise are expensive, because they are massive creatures. Whereas the professor says the essential protains for tuna growth could be provided by plants instead of fishes, which is able to keep the cost low.

    Thirdly, the reading suggests tuna confined in cages are volunerable to parasites like blood flukes. Raised tuna are more likely to be weak than wild tuna. On the contrary, the listening comes up with some steps to avoid this situation. According to him,  the tuna kept in the deeper altitude are more resistant to the parasites, and fever are infected.

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