TPO 72 Intergrated Writing

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    TPO 72 Integrated Writing

    The reading passage discusses the formation of TLP[ ,  ] which has been observed for several centauries[ centuries  ] by some amateurs [ word form error  ]and professional astronomers from the surface of the moon[ Moon  ]. And the [ The  ]author presents three theories to explains[  explain the creation of TLP ] it. However, the [ The  ]listening passage[, however,   ] challenge [ challenges  ]the validity[ validities  ] of these theories and [ instead  ] offers some alternative explanations.

    To begin with, in the reading passage, it is said [reveals   ]that TLP is a genuine phenomenon but get some errors from the use of telescopes. In contrast, the professor of the listening material contests this idea, as the designed of random flaws, the observation of TLP might be viewed in random places, however, there is no reporting about that. And there[ There  ] are only two specific places [that   ] were observed on the moon[Moon   ], Indicating[ indicating  ] that the idea[  ? ] is questionable. [ The observations focused on two places on the Moon thereby refuting the idea noted above.  ]  

    Second, the reading [ section  ]highlights that meteors striking [ on  ]the Moon [  as the ]cause [ of  ]TLP. The listening passage disputes this statements[ statement  ] by pointing [ out  ] that the time of the flash[ es  ] caused by[of   ] meters [ meteor striking  ]only containing[ contains only  ] two seconds but[ while  ] the TLP last[s   ] 20 minutes. [ The listening passage disputes this statement by arguing that meteor striking only results in two-second flashing while TLP lasts twenty minutes.  ]

    If the TLP was[  were ] formed by meteors, it should caused[ the process would emit only momentary flashes  ] flash instead of a duration of light. This [Apparently,  the ]argument[ derived from the listening context  ] weakens the [  formation of TOP ]idea that the form of TLP was caused by [ as a result of  ]meteors.[   ]

    Finally, [ while  ]the reading believes [suggests   ]that thermoluminescence[  as the ] cause[ of  ] TLP. The[, the   ] listening passage expresses skepticism [speculates on this assumption   ]about this theory,[  . ] The reason [In fact,   ]we could see the moon[Moon   ] at night[ all owing to   ] is the reflection of sunlight,[ .  ] but [Since   ]the rocks don’t emit light, and it’s too weaker than the moon[  ? ]. For instance, if we put a candle before[ in front of  ] a powerful spoitlights[spotlight   ], we can’t[ would not  ] see the light from candles. this argument[  This explaination ] diminishes[ weakens  ] the credibility of (this idea)[  ? ].

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