TPO 72 intergrated writing

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    Nationality: China
    October 8, 2023 at 12:32 pm

    The explanations of the transient lunar phenomena (TLP) are the focus of both the writer and the professor. In the writing, three theories, including observational errors, meteors striking the moon, and thermoluminescence, have been elaborated. The professor, however, claims that none of these explanations are convincing.

    As opposed to the writer’s idea that these phenomena relate to observational errors, the professor states that there are more possibilities that these are real events. He advanced the theory by saying that compared with the random flashes on the surface of the Moon, which can be induced by observational errors, the TLP, however, are flashes on the various specific places on the Moon.

    The professor continues to discredit the writing’s assertion that it is meteors that cause the TLP, by examining the fact that the duration of the TLP is much longer. In detail, the professor points out that the duration of flashes generated by the striking of the meteors is one second, while it can be twenty minutes for the TLP, making it reasonable to consider other reasons – since long-time flashes can also be caused by the striking of a group of meteors named meteor showers, the appearance of which are scarce.

    It is the professor’s third argument that it is uncommon for the light emitted by the lunar rocks brighter than that of the Moon’s glares, which contradicts the view of the writer that thermoluminescence shoulders the essential responsibility of the TLP. To explore deeper, the professor contends that since the sunlight reflected by the Moon, which contributes to the glares on the Moon’s surface, is brighter than the weak light emitted by the rocks, attributing the TLP to the thermoluminescence seems irrational reasoning due to we seldom observe faint lights under a brighter background, analogous to observing a candle in the spotlight.

    An evident split exists between the writer and the professor on the appropriate explanations of the TLP.