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  • AmilyTing
    University: 北京师范大学珠海分校
    Nationality: China
    November 16, 2020 at 1:14 pm

    Nowadays, students have many choices to choose to live during their student careers. Some students want to live in school and others are likely to lease flats outside the school. As for me, I’d like to live in school.

    Students who live in school are convenient. The dormitory in the school is near both the dining hall and classrooms. Living in school can save a lot of time in traffic and the fee on transport. We can easily go to the classroom or the library, because they are all in school. Second, living in school can help us make friends. Many of the students build strong friendship in living together. Everyone will give a hand if someone gets into trouble around them. At that time, the two persons will become closer and build their friendship.

    However, people who live outside the school may need a lot of time to transport. The place which is outside near the school is always farther than the flat in school. Students will waste their time on their way to the place outside the school. They must get up earlier and go to bed later than the resident students. As a result, they may influence their state of the class to some degree. What’s worse, the room outside the school is more expensive than the student dormitory in China. It will lead to exclusive expenses.

    Overall, as living in school can help me save my time and my money. I prefer to live in the dormitory. It can not only be helpful in my studies, but also benefit in my relationship among my classmates and roommates.