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  • haobo
    University: Xi'an Jiaotong University
    Nationality: China
    May 21, 2020 at 6:11 am


    Nowadays, there is an increasingly large number of parents encouraging their kids to study by giving them financial rewards. Some people believe this is a great idea to make their children study hard because this is a good way to let kids work hard. However, in my perspective, this is complete nonsense. We have several reasons for this.

    First, offering money to a high grade would damage the students’ learning habitat. If students have already known that they could get money reward for their good results in the exam, they would learn for money. This habitat deviates from the purpose of education — teach students to learn by themselves. There was a psychological study on this behavior. Researchers observed the future development of those children. It turned out that most people were not satisfied with their current lives.

    Apart from the disadvantage of students’ interests, encouraging in this way also distorts their values towards learning. As a kid grows up, he or she can no longer be praised by getting good grades if the kid do not understand how to utilize the learned knowledge. In my university, many professors complain that few students can apply knowledge to the research. Awarding good grades on exams will strengthen the idea that they can make money by studying. But, under no circumstance will a grown-up can profit from learning. People have to do more than learning to establish them in society.

    Hence, even though it is common that some parents provide children with financial rewards for good grades, it does not mean that the common way is the perfect way, in that this rewarding harms both their interests and their habits. Therefore, contrary to what those parents may believe, I will argue that it is far from a good idea to offer money to students for the high mark.