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  • Stark
    Nationality: China
    November 21, 2020 at 7:27 am

    It is widely discussed that whether children should be taught altogether regardless of their talents or interests or should be separated. We have no reason to divide the way so separately that it seems no other way. In my opinion, the teaching method should vary on different stages of study.

    First, when students with different intellectual development grouped together, they all benefit from cooperative study method. With the assist from advanced students, less advanced students may have a better understanding of certain tasks and concepts. One simple way to set up a study group combined with two different learning stage students. In addition, this may also lighten some burden of teacher. On the other hand, if we do so, some gifted students may fail to reach their full potential. Lack of challenges and opportunities, they are less likely to achieve higher goals.

    Yet, researchers found that the normal way of educating is more likely to limit the achievement of talented students. Thus, some present the view of teaching students separately. It is obvious that this pattern will ignore some less advanced students. On the contrary, with some special environment, advanced students may fully develop their potential and intelligence. It is unfair for the less advanced students.

    In conclusion, the discussion of which method of education is the better one does not appear to have a clear result. But, in my opinion, we should try a medium approach that can expand the advanced students’ potential and improve the less ones’ grade. Not until does the mainstream education start to do so, the best way will come out.