Your Replies

  • lei
    University: Uic
    Nationality: Chinese
    October 27, 2021 at 2:59 pm

    The problem of living in another country has drawn public concern currently. Some people believe that living in a country where you need to speak a foreign language will cause many difficulties. Personally speaking, I tend to agree with these opinions.

    The social problem contains discrimination by native people, Which means the local people will look down on you, especially when you find job, many companies are not allowed to employ foreign workers. In addition, due to the cultural difference, it’s very hard to adapt to new circumstances. You will feel isolated at the beginning. Therefore. Some psychological issues will appear. such as depression, which will make you feel disappointed and feel sad all the time. lead to social problems eventually.

    The practical problems contain the language barrier. as you are not a native language speaker, misunderstandings usually happen when you have communication with others, especially with your supervisor, or your teacher, if you use error grammar or sentences . which will leave a bad impression on these people, make you feel embarrassed and in a dilemma. So the communication is ineffective.

    To sum up, it’s true that living in a country and speaking a foreign language will lead to both social and practical problems. Because of the cultural differences and language barriers. However. We still need to face it and try our best to overcome the hardships.