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    Fix the issues suggested in the screenshot reviews.

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    Partial revision

    1. Use your own words to write;
    2. Minimize the use of ‘ there.. be’;
    3. Avoid using sweeping statement;
    4. Restrict each paragraph to 90 words.
    July 3, 2022 at 2:06 am

    Nowadays, pets have become the top concern of modern citizens[sweeping statement  ]. Recently, there is [grammatical error  ]a heated debate on the money people spend on their pets[Where did you see the heated debate? Use your own words to write  ], some claim that people should spend a lot of money on their pets. As for me, I believe that people spend too much money on their pets, but[incorrect coordinating conjunction  ] there are better ways to use this money.

    Firstly, individuals spend money on their pets beyond the usual limit, which makes them ignore themselves. To be specific, they give their pets everything including expensive food, toys, medical insurance, and so on, but for themselves, they eat junk food and do not do on-time examinations. My friend Lucy’s experience is a compelling illustration of this, she has a cute dog, and she buys her dog beautiful cloth every month. Once the mug made her dog’s cloth dirty, she threw the cloth which cost her 100 dollars away, and brought some new dresses immediately. The fancy clothes run out of her allowance, so she can only eat fast food every day. However, the unhealthy diet makes her stomach ache all the time, but she still does not have enough money to see a doctor. Thus, I am convinced that people spend too much on their pets.

    Furthermore, people should uplift themselves rather than squander money on pets. To be exact, wasting money on pets is pointless because people cannot obtain any substantial benefits from them. By contrast, money should be invested in activities that are conducive to personal fulfillment. For instance, some people take classes about communication, time management, and emergency reaction ability. With these skills they can handle assignments and have a good relationship with their boss, which allows them to impress the managers and easily get promoted; on the other hand, if people spend too much money on their pets, it is true that pets will provide us momentary solace, but the stress and worries from life and work will never disappear because of this. In a word, I think people spend too much money on their pets, nevertheless, they can use them in a better way.

    July 3, 2022 at 2:03 am

    Final revision.

    July 3, 2022 at 1:52 am

    Well, I disagree with that statement[ summarize the statement ]. It is apparent that Friendship [Friendship]is valuable [ punctuation error ]and [ wrong coordinating conjunction ]maintaining good relationships[word form error  ] with our old friends is necessary[vague adjective  ], but I think learning how to make new friends matters much more.

    The world is always changing at a very high speed, and the same for me and my friends[ my friends and me ][sentence contains many non-content words: and, the, my, me  ]. Some years later, you[inconsistency in person  ] may find that your once best friend is no longer the person you knew before. Bob and I were best friends when we were in primary school. We learned together, studied together, [ and ]shared each other’s happiness and sadness. That was one of the most unforgettable times in my life. But after the high school entrance exam, I was admitted to the best high school in my city and then entered one of China’s key [national research  ]universities, but he failed the exam and went to a vocational school. Our lives have become hugely different since that exam. Several days ago, I met him in a local supermarket. We both recognized each other, but we could not find anything interesting to talk [ about ] to each other, only simple greetings. We both changed a lot, and it[ unclear pronoun ]’ s pretty hard for us to keep that Friendship[speling error  ]. The best choice is to give up[unclear  ].

    Friends you[ person inconsistency ] made in the past can not always be around you. When you go abroad for further study or move to an unfamiliar city to work, your old friends can do almost nothing to help you get through the difficulties there. However, if you are outgoing enough and make a few friends in the new environment, life will become much easier for you with their[ unclear pronoun ] company.

    [Person inconsistency is a notable issue.  ]

    July 3, 2022 at 1:51 am

    Complete the revision of your other essay prior to working on this one.

    July 3, 2022 at 1:45 am

    Fix issues suggested in the screenshot reviews.

    July 3, 2022 at 1:24 am

    I disagree with the argument that governments should make the cost of studying in higher-education institutions free. Instead, I suggest that governments must [grammatical error/suggest  ] enact student loaning[word form error  ] policies.

    Some may argue that if poor but talented students cannot [ could not/ did not ] enter colleges or universities since they can’t afford the fees, it will[grammatical error  ] undermine a nation’s educational, technical, and scientific fundamentals[/infrastructures  ] . [incoherence  ] An alternative way is to offer poor students student loans. Not only does it enables[ grammatical error ] poor students to gain more knowledge after high-school graduation, but it also costs less than free charging[ unclear ] .[transitional issue  ] Students are not required to pay back the money until they graduate and start working. Hence, they can pay full attention on[ preposition error ] their school work instead of being distracted by taking part-time jobs to earn their tuition.

    In addition, I assume that students may become lazy after entering college and university if they do not have to pay off anything[unclear  ] . For example, in [In  ] the 1980s in Taiwan, there were only twenty percent of high-school graduates were[grammatical error  ] able to go to college and university since there were relatively few higher-education institutions than modern days[ verbose/unclear sentence ] . Students in the past not only studied hard to gain the entrance ticket of [ to ] colleges and universities, but they also remained hardworking even after they had already become veritable college and university students![verbose/unclear  ] However, it is not rare that students nowadays often skip classes and fail their academic scores because of their laziness[verbose/unclear  ] . A large number of universities and colleges increases higher-education availability[unclear  ] , causing studying in a university and college a normal phenomenon in [ article error ] Taiwanese society. Therefore, most students take it[unclear pronoun  ] for granted and even consider it[ unclear pronoun ] compulsory, (not to tell if one day, students are not required to pay for)[ verbose/unclear ] higher-education[spelling error  ] will they not cherish any learning opportunities[ grammatical error ] .

    To what degree people pay out[ unclear ] decides their attitudes toward it[ unclear pronoun ] . To prevent students from taking learning opportunities for granted, governments should give poor students a helping hand by offering student loans rather than lowering entrance standards[ unclear ] .

    June 30, 2022 at 3:26 am

    Please fix the problems indicated in the screenshot reviews.

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    Please fix the problems indicated in the screenshot reviews. Thanks.

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    Please fix the errors suggested in the screenshot reviews.

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    Partial revision

    June 24, 2022 at 2:19 pm

    In plenty of cultural backgrounds[cultures  ], people are fond of telling [tend to tell their  ]children that (they can achieve all, and only needs to try hard enough)[ unclear ]. These kinds of words are usually used to encourage [ encouraging to ]youngster[youngsters  ], (and of course, useful to a certain degree)[ unclear ]. But the questions come as follows shall not be neglected too[unclear  ].

    Talking to advantage, encouraging young generations with the kind words like “you can be everything you want” is an effective approach to build up their self-confidence and strengthen their willingness to be persistent. Children who receive this kind of education may grow to be confident and willing to challenge tasks that seem out of reach in others’ perspectives, and these qualities are what we need in our future lives. There is no doubt that we may raise it up in their childhood. All of those will benefit them a lot in their study, work, and even achieve their dreams.

    But there are voices arguing that these upward words are not practical and may give an illusion to the children and make them miss the proper chance of giving up,and this excessive effort will be detrimental. Children who educate to be always persistent and fixed on a certain goal may ignore the potential danger and find risking their health and safety for it.

    I’m also concerned about the possibility that children will lose creativity and flexible thinking toward problems. When we solve certain problems, persistence is necessary, but an effective approach plays a role just like our mind to keep up. If we only teach children to be confident and concentrate while casting how to find appropriate ways to achieve our goal away, it will someday do harm to themselves.

    In conclusion, although teaching children to be willing to challenge difficulty and persistence is important, we should still keep in mind that it also got negative outcomes, like losing creativity in finding ways to solve problems.