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  • whothatwhothat
    Nationality: Chinese
    November 16, 2020 at 6:05 am

    People have different views about whether university students should focus on useful subjects like science and technology. While such subjects may contribute to the development of society, I believe students should be allowed to choose what they want to study at university.

    Indeed, science and technology do facilitate contemporary society, benefiting both our life and the economy of the country. Developing such subjects enables us to live a more convenient life. For example, we can pay bills with our phones without the bother of all kinds of coins and our healthy data can be analyzed scientifically so that we can lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, with a higher level of technology, it will become possible to introduce artificial intelligence into factories, replacing manual labor, which will boost productivity significantly and in turn accelerate the economy. As such, it is necessary to encourage students to study science and technology.

    Nevertheless, it definitely will not be feasible to turn science technology into a compulsory course. On the one hand, forcing everyone to study a subject will probably cause adverse effects. This will enhance the biased view towards science and technology, not to mention promoting the learning of this subject. On the other hand, for students who are not willing to further their studies in this area, university life will become painful for them, which does no good for their future. Less careful students may even deteriorate science programs because such work requires intense concentration and absolute passion for this subject.

    In conclusion, we should by no means ignore the important role science and technology play in society, but university students should have access to other classes as well.