Your Replies

  • Shinobu
    University: Northeastern University
    Nationality: China
    March 26, 2020 at 6:46 am

    Some people claim that universities should allocate more money to educational facilities. Admittedly, as academic institutions, universities do have the obligation to give higher priority to academics. But contrary to what many other people believe, I would argue that we should treat sports and extra-curricular activities equally with educational resources.

    Gyms and playgrounds are perfect places for students to release their pressure. In today’s society, the source of stress is multifaceted. Students are susceptible to peer pressure, school bullying and many other aspects. Thus, negative emotions and pressure start to accumulate inadvertently. If parents and universities do not curb it, it is very easy for students to go astray. By doing exercises in gym centers, students will gradually establish a positive outlook toward life. Hence, parents don’t need to worry about their kids affected by stress.

    Learning is not only a mental work but also manual work. In other words, the promotion of willpower and tenacity is as essential as studying in classes or libraries. Doing workouts not only will students upgrade their cardiovascular and muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination, but they will also learn perseverance, goal-setting, and coping skills to deal with success and failure. Studying is a lifelong process. Students could not finish their schoolwork without persistence, let alone survive in today’s society saturated with fierce competitions. Thus, doing exercises do better for studying.

    You can learn theoretical knowledge from classes, but there are still many skills you can not cultivate rely on books: socialization and rhetoric. Undoubtedly, a university is a society in miniature. Thus, gym centers could be a convenient medium for students to exchange ideas, foster friendships, collaborate with other students. During this process, students could nurture their social skills markedly. As we grow up, we might be the biggest beneficiary by broadening networks and making friends in gym centers.

    In conclusion, it is vital to promote students’ physical, mental and emotional advancement. That is to say, there is nothing wrong with universities to finance sports and social activities.