Your Replies

  • Terrell
    University: Nanchang University
    Nationality: China
    June 5, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    In contemporary society, according to the investigation conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 56% of enterprises allocate vast sums of money to advertise their products or services. Under the circumstance, a vast majority of individuals may claim that commercial advertising is an indispensable part of business operation  to succeed. Personally, however, I am in favor of the fact that other ingredients of companies, such as products’ quality and after-sales services, will be more crucial than ads, and I will demonstrate my reasons as follows.

    Admittedly, some assert that ads can grow brand awareness and attract more customers. To illustrate, ads in digital and traditional media provide potential buyers with some opportunities to understand products and services. Through this way, delicate ads pictures will catch customers’ eyes and urge them to purchase. For instance, when watching TV shows, I always glimpse some smartphone introductions and recommendations. If I would like to supplant my phone at that time, I will open the website to understand these products possessing novel functions. Although I still will go to know other phones, the one displaying in the TV show has become my prior option. Therefore, ads are conducive for companies to propagandize their products or services and then attain more potential customers.

    Nevertheless, excessive ads’ investment may make companies in a dangerous situation. It is a common phenomenon now that both quality and creativity are the foundation of enterprises instead of publicity. Just imagine, does the company investing most of its revenue into ads have funds and energy to develop their products or services? The answer is obvious. The contemporary world is changing and innovative at all time. Once firms ignore and even abandon quality and innovation, peer competitors will eliminate them rapidly. For another thing, according to a set of psychological research, people have higher requirements for familiar objects than for others. The research result means that people frequently viewing products by ads will have more stringent requirements than others because they have been familiar with these products. On the contrary, once the product is the scarcity of gorgeous/superb quality and novel functions, customers are likely to give it up.

    University: Nanchang University
    Nationality: China
    May 25, 2020 at 3:37 am

    Along with the citizens’ living standards improving in contemporary society, short-term travel has become more frequent in our daily life. When it comes to the most reasonable destination during a short-term tour, among historic sites, some markets, and restaurants or cafes, everyone has divergent viewpoints. Personally, the historical attractions will be the optimal option during a short-term tour.

    First of all, historic attractions can assist us in getting into the swing of local customs and traditions. To be specific, the time-honored buildings and antiques displayed in historic sites will make it possible for us to immerse ourselves into a pleasant and mysterious expedition. During the course, we can meet native people and communicate with them about local habits and traditions. Additionally, in these historic landscapes, numerous traditional (artisans) will display their gorgeous skills and manufacture a variety of artifacts we can’t witness elsewhere. For another thing, language virtually is the toughest issue for foreigners to insight into local cultures. Fortunately, as the rapid process of globalization, a vast majority of attractions provide language services to help tourists remove the linguistic barriers. I firmly believe that people will have an enjoyable period in historic sites.

    Furthermore, heading for historic sites will expand individual horizons and understand the knowledge not imparted in classes. Elaborately, it is difficult for students and adults to know comprehensively a country through tedious textbooks. On the contrary, if we can view real substances or sites by ourselves, we will break away from stereotypes and gain a real and full global picture. For instance, in classes, you may consider Africa as the poverty-stricken and desolate region. When you witness sites of Mesopotamia Civilization, however, the ancient origin of human beings will catch your eyes. Besides, you may marvel at its grand wall when you view pictures of the Great Wall. However, as long as you see it by yourself, you will smell the blood and sweat and then realize the hardship of ancient wars.