Timmothy Ling

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  • Timmothy Ling
    University: Soochow University
    Nationality: China
    May 26, 2020 at 11:28 am

    Taking history courses can do a benefit to students, like having a better grasp of the previous incidents, making them clear about how the world developed. However, it makes no sense that all university students have to be required to take the history courses whatever their field is. So, I am totally against the statement.

    Admittedly,we can not deny that taking history courses is beneficial to students. It can really assist students with their comprehensive development. History can broaden our visions, which means that we will grasp a great deal of knowledge about it. Thus, we will have numerous topics to talk with others, such as heroes recorded in the long history river, sensational wars, the development of America.

    However, when it comes to all university students, making the history courses a required one is not that rational. Because not everyone has the passion and interest in history. There is an old saying that interest is the best teacher in the world. Without passion, requirements become the burden of students. They wlii not be motivated to study history, not to say enjoy learning it.

    Moreover, students majoring in a number of specific subjects, such as mathematics, computer science and physics, have tons of school work to finish. The most majority of them are not even able to understand the professional courses well. These students are in lack of energy for additional learning. Actually, history is a required class in our school. There is a common phenomenon that a prodigious number of students majoring in sciences write their homework when taking history courses, paying little attention to what the professors talk about.

    In conclusion, learning history benefits students, which can help us grasp more knowledge. But when it comes to all students required to take it, it does not make sense. why? First, as chances are that students void interests in history. Second, it is possible that a giagantic number of students are in deficient of energy.