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  • wonder-xu
    University: Nanchang University
    Nationality: China
    February 15, 2020 at 8:58 am

    As we all know, a country’s development cannot speed up without a convenient transportation. Some people argue that governments should invest more money in railways instead of roads. To some extent, I don’t support this view.

    Trains play a crucial role in long-run transporting resources, fossil fuels and people. the The 19th century witnessed the invention of railways and trains. Since then people have benefited a lot from this means of transportation. Trains enable citizens to visit friends who live far away, travel to dream touristic destinations, and sell products to consumers from all over the country. Railways have a vast carrying capacity. And normally the ticket price of trains is relatively cheaper than the one of planes. By using this method to go afar, people can reduce the cost of traveling. And according to some surveys, trains are the most popular means among people. To meet people’s needs, governments should pour more resources into the improvement of railways and try to extend railsystem to all corners of the country.

    Let’s not forget the importance of roads. All walks of life use roads for a series of reasons on a daily basis, going to workplaces, enjoying local zoos, shopping, to name a few. However, it is roads which are vital to every citizen that still exist a lot of problems. For example, in weekday’s morning commuters who live in cities must get up very early in case being in a traffic jam. In addition, a fatal accident happens every couple of weeks because of unreasonable road systems. Governments should attach importance to roads. It is urgent to add more equipment like traffic lights on particular crossroads and replace those old and uncorked equipment such as cameras and traffic signs.

    In conclusion, I strongly believe both railways and roads should be poured money into their construction and innovation. Governments should distribute money into these two projects in a wise and reasonable manner.