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  • YueChen
    University: 广东技术师范大学
    Nationality: 中国
    February 8, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    Some argue that each subject in colleges should consist of the same number of male and female students. Although I think that gender equality is significant, I disagree that this can be compulsory in university entrance admission.

    On the surface, colleges enroll equal numbers of boys and girls, resulting in equality in employment. Since graduates of different sexes in each major is the same, job interviewers would not discriminate against one gender. For example, male job seekers are given more priorities in accountant firms all the time, because almost 70% to 80% of accounting graduates are female. If the figure for male students reaches approximately the same as females, a male accountant is nobody in particular.

    However, from a deeper perspective, personal preference and work requirements should be taken into consideration. Some majors lack a balance of genders all the time. Boys prefer to sciences and girls are more likely to learn arts. That is because we usually think of boys as rational and girls as emotional. Therefore, it is an unrealistic to set the compulsive gender equality in subjects. Besides, universities ought to choose a student for his or her academic level rather than choosing a specific gender. On the other hand, because of the particularity of the job position, the gender of the employees is selected. Such as financial work requires careful and prudent individuals, females may be more suitable in general. And similarly, a man is likely to suit a job which has to carry out heavy goods, like a remover.

    In conclusion, I believe that colleges should respect gender equality. Nevertheless, I agree the number of male and female students should depend on the different subjects they learn in universities.