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  • yuushika
    University: hangzhou
    Nationality: china
    May 23, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    Currently, with the development of society, and the improvement of daily life quality, people have more pursuits.

    People were lack of foods and commodities in the past. The only goal every day was to think about how to solve the problem of starvation. In my parents’ childhood, every family in the town was very poor, and the work of most adults was farming. In the evening, neighborhood gathered and to talk with my grandparents about the crops and their lives. More foods and families around them is the best gift from god. My mother played games with her classmates every day after school. She played games such as swimming, hide-and-seek. Life in the past was very pure, and my mother said her childhood was very delightful, since the way to get happiness was simple.

    With the satisfaction of solving the problem of starvation, people start to serve the other appetite of them. Some people buy clothes not for necessity but for beauty. Some students also use online loan to buy what they cannot afford, such as cell phones, laptops, as desire grows. If people are content with their lives, nobody will take the risk of borrowing online loan to buy things. It is normal that if we find other people have the things that we do not have, we will be desperate to get it.

    More and more parents let their kids learn various skills such as singing, drawing, and so on. Whenever people finish learning one thing, and they have to learn another thing right away, which is one of the reasons why people are hard to be happy. For another, the people now have many ways to enrich their knowledge, but they are never content with what they have learned.

    From what I illustrated above, we can draw the conclusion that the people now are hard to get happiness from lives than the people in the past. Although the people now have more time to do other things, with the increasing of various demands, it is difficult to feel content instead.