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    University: Hunan Institution of Technology
    Nationality: China
    August 1, 2020 at 8:58 am

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    Here I revise some basic grammer faults.

    Every community has never been a perfect entity in the very beginning; therefore its further construction has been of great concern to local residents. If our community announced another construction plan for a shopping mall rather than a performing art center or a hotel, I would feel delighted and grateful. My reasons are as follows.


    First and foremost, there is no denying that a new shopping mall can cause convenience in people’s life. Due to the fast pace of life, seldom do people want to waste their time on chores like traveling a long distance to buy goods. Take my self-experience as an example. Once I had a chance to study in the United States as an exchange student. The very first day when I arrived, I found that I need to buy some household items.  I spent 45-minute on the way due to heavy traffic and another 30-minute parking, and it was midnight when I went back to my hotel, tired and stressed out. In contrast, if there was a big shopping mall nearby, I  would have not waste so much time and efforts. Therefore, before constructing performing art center and hotel, I strongly recommend to build a shopping mall to meet people’s s urgently living needs.


    Last but not least, a new shopping mall can provide a large number of employment positions for people in urgent need of jobs. From a practical perspective, developing labor-intensive industries can address the most pressing needs for certainty of income under the progress of industrialization. As China’s rapid urbanization allows migrant rural workers to settle in cities, considerable urban employment demands have soared, which can be fulfilled by the provision of necessary shopping facilities. During the building phase, construction workers, architects, engineers, and interior designers have been thrown into a whirlwind of division works. When the shopping mall comes into service, more job vacancies might become available, including shop assistants, the security force, logistical personnel as well as administrative staffs. Thus, in fact, neither a performing art center nor a hotel can employ market potentials for offering more jobs compared with a shopping mall.