Statement of Purpose Chemical Engineering

  • wendyliu
    University: TUC
    Nationality: China
    October 15, 2019 at 3:37 am

    Statement of Purpose Chemical Engineering

    I have enrolled in a highly prestigious chemical engineering program of China for nearly five years, and as I drew a conclusion of this first stage of professional development and start a totally new chapter of my academic and professional pursuits I have new aspirations that drive me forward: I aspire to transcend what I have been confined geographically and culturally by pursuing graduate studies overseas, and I aspire to develop new skills and expand my knowledge within my profession of choice by learning from expert faculty such as you and by collaborating with fellow students who are as passionate as I for the profession of chemical engineering. Consequently, pursuing an advanced degree at your esteemed program has become my next logical step to succeed in my life.

    My undergraduate studies have been successful undoubtedly. Out of an ardent affection for chemical engineering and for sciences in general I signed up courses in a broad range of scientific disciplines, which established my solid fundamental knowledge for further studies and research of my liking field. In addition, I sought opportunities available to me on and beyond campus to improve my English skills to a new level, which won’t hinder my overseas studies at your institution if you have me when I converse with my professors or interact with my peers from different cultures.

    My research accomplishments are equally recognized by many. Being an assistant for two professors I conducted researches on Heat Bubble Absorption and Mass Transfer Enhancement for a Binary Nanofluid and so on. Learning from my professors and working with my colleagues I significantly improved my experimental and computational skills transcending my knowhow, and engaging in those projects have ignited my curiosity for Nano Science and technology, which underpins my decision of pursuing further studies and research in this field or pertinent ones.

    I can describe myself to be an infectious and responsible individual you ever met. As such, I actively participated in activities available on campus and in the community, which greatly improved my communication skills in Chinese and English and other languages, and participating in activities in turn shaped my sense of lots of responsibility and cooperation, the take and give of the community. I also explored opportunities to engage in conferences within my field, and from those lecturers and speaking guests both from home and abroad I greatly expanded my horizon of scientific knowledge and transcend what I have been academically confined.

    during my studies to date I have opened the door to the profession of chemical engineering and chemistry, and by emerging in your esteemed program as a PhD student I believe I can achieve a great more, as a student and as a professional. Consequently, I submit my application to your department with great aspirations.

    In conclusion, I choose your chemical engineering program for particular reasons. Your expert faculty engaging in pioneering researches in many disciplines of chemical engineering and chemistry are especially attractive to me. Before submitting my application I carefully studied the research areas of your professors, and I am extremely interested in the area of xxx. Further, I have contacted Prof. XXX and learned more of your department by communicating with Dr. xxx. Besides, the research resources on your campus are abundant, which I believe will undoubtedly help me advance my skills and knowledge in the field of chemical engineering and define my independent thinking.

    October 16, 2019 at 3:11 am

    Statement of Purpose Chemical Engineering

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