CV for Chemical Engineering

  • xmx
    University: South China University of Technology
    Nationality: Chinese
    September 20, 2019 at 3:15 am

    This is my friend’s CV for Chemical Engineering. Please help.


    Dalian University of Technology          (DUT)

                                        BS in Chemical Engineering and English Intensive (5 year duration)

    Class Ranking: top 10%;GPA: 90

    Research Experience

    RA for Prof. xxx, at the State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals, DUT

    Computational Studies of Adsorption of N-Ru System

    • We used the 5-parameter vibration & diffusion of N atoms Morse potential (5-MP) to investigate the adsorption,  on low-index Ru,and stepped defective Ru,

       Independent Project –The Adsorption  of C-Mo System

    • We used the 5-MP stepped defective surfaces adsorption to study the  vibration & diffusion of C atoms on Mo low-index and Mo(211)

    RA for Prof. xxx, at the institution of Chemical Engineering, DUT

                                    The Studies Micro-Channel on the Drop-wise Condensation

    • Investigated liquid-solid-interfacial-energy the effect of difference on the condensation heat transfer enhancement.
    • Developed the drop-wise surface free energy difference effects condensation heat-transfer model with liquid-solid

    Extracurricular Activities

    • Where I participated in various seminars and assisted in the equipment maintenance Performed an internship at PetroChina Dalian Plan, and involved in technical problems the analysis;
    • Worked as during the visits of the American and European clients a part-time translator at PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Company .
    • Participated in International Graduate Scholarship Conference in Wuhan.


    ▪  Departmental scholarships award for 6 semesters

    ▪  DUT Award for academic xxx excellence for 2 semesters

    ▪  Prize recipient from the DUT English Drama Contest


    ▪           Author Scientific Paper (Pending)


    xxxof N-Ru System


    ▪      Computer proficient in MS suite, Gaussian03, ASPENPLUS, Auto CAD

    ▪     Native Chinese Speaker, Fluent in English, currently studying German

    ▪   GRE: 330

    September 21, 2019 at 1:42 am


    I have revised your CV for Chemical Engineering and sent it over to you via WeChat.


    Lin Qiu