• floweringtree
    University: Liaoning University
    Nationality: China
    January 28, 2020 at 9:54 pm


    09/15 – 07/19     Hunan University (HU)

    Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Administration

    Graduating Class Rank: top 3 out of 57; GPA 87.1/100


    month/year – month/year      Administration Assistant, HR Department, Pfizer, Beijing

    • Carried out general recruitment duties and was responsible for the HR manager; performed liaison work with Pfizer branches across China and with the concerned government agencies.

    month/year – month/year    Intern, the Municipal Government of Dalian Development Zone

    • Studied residents life quality as a result of the implementation of government

    policies; collected residents’ thoughts and suggestions and reported them to the government; assisted concerned officials to solve the issues.


    month/year – month/year                  Post 9/11 US Asia Policies, RA, Supervisor: Prof. xxx

                                        As a Research Assistant my main responsibilities were to collect information

    from both domestic and foreign sources and verify the data. In addition, I assisted my professor in analyzing the effects on the economy, national

    security and ideology as a result of the cooperation and confrontation of the

    two nations in economics, military, and foreign policy.

    month/year – month/year     Cooperation in Asia Pacific Region, RA, Supervisor: Prof. xxx

    My research focused on the cooperation between Japan and China. In

    particular, I analyzed how the “rising China” will take over Japan in its dominant influence in Southeast Asian region.

    month/year – month/year     Research on the Life Quality of Chinese Farmers in Remote, Rural Areas

    Performed the research by interviewing over three hundreds of farmers living

    in the remote areas of China Hunan province; investigated into the distribution

    and application of government subsidy funds to the farmers; investigated into

    the negative impacts on farmers’ life resulted from local officials’ corruption.


    Recipient of Scholarship granted by Hunan University in all semesters

    Honor of Outstanding Student Leader of Hunan University




    • Participated in the Model United Nations, a competition activity with

    participants of students from universities across China

    • Volunteer in the relief efforts after the Sichuan Earthquake 2008


    • Articulate in English and mother tongue in Chinese, fair grasp of Japanese
    • Extensively PC literate in MS Suite, SPSS, Eviews, VB, HTML languages
    • Excellent skills in Teambuilding, Public Speaking, and Cross-cultural communication
    January 28, 2020 at 10:08 pm

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