CV for Mechanical Engineering

  • Bethany
    University: Dalian University of Technology
    Nationality: China
    October 8, 2019 at 11:14 pm

    CV for Mechanical Engineering


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    Dalian University of Technology                                       Dalian, 09.2016-06.2020

    Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

    – GPA: 3.6/4; 88.81/100

    – Rank:

    – Honors: Learning Excellence Award (2017~2018);

    Technological Innovation Award (2017~2018);

    Ethic Award (2017~2018);

    Learning Excellence Award (2016~2017);

    Technological Innovation Award (2016~2017);


    High School                                            01.2013-06.2016

    – Honors: Outstanding Graduates Awards

    Excellent Student Cadre



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    Provincial Student Innovation Training Program- Project Manager          Dalian, 01.2018- Present

    – Developed a kind of aviation styrofoam cutting tool.

    – Used finite element method to analyze the force situation.



    National College Mechanical Innovation Competition- Second Prize                Dalian, 08.2017

    – Improved cherry picking methods.

    – Designed Innovative mechanical structure.


    National College Crane Creative Competition- Second Prize                      Dalian, 08.2017

    – Designed the mechanical structure of a gantry crane.

    – Controlled operation with STM32 MCU.


    Mathematical Contest in Modeling- Honorable Mention                          Dalian, 01.2018

    – Built model of population and geographic distribution.

    – Used BP neural network to estimate the population.

    – Wrote an English paper.


    Mathematical Contest in Modeling- Honorable Mention                          Dalian, 01.2017




    Application of General Invention Patent                                        Dalian, 06.2018

    – Cherry picking device based on variable degree of freedom mechanism


    Mechanical Principle Course Design Results                             Dalian, 09.2018-12.2018

    – A kind of biped walking mechanism



    – English: CET4 (College English Test Band 4 Certificate)-633/710;

    CET6 (College English Test Band 6 Certificate)-587/710;

    TEM4 (Test for English Major Grade 4 Certificate)-Good;


    – Certificate: The National Certification of Informatization Application Engineer (Inventor Design);

    National Computer Aided Application Training;

    – PC: C Programming Language, MatLab, ADMAS , Inventor, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Excel, PowerPoint, Word


    October 9, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    Thank you for uploading your CV for Mechanical Engineering. I will send you screenshots to illustrate problems/errors concerning your CV.

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