CV for Statistics (switch major)

  • Guo Huiwen
    University: Ocean University of China
    Nationality: China
    September 8, 2020 at 11:39 am


    National Social Science Foundation of China, Research Assistant (Feb 2020-Jul 2020)

    Research on the transformation and upgrading of China’s marine industry under the background of Sino-US trade frictions

     Measured the threshold effects of different financial industries on China’s industrial structure upgrading by using threshold regression model respectively.

     Wrote the policy recommendation report Recommendations on Promoting the Transformation of China’s Marine Science and Technology Achievements.

    National Nature Science Foundation of China, Research Assistant (Jul 2019-Dec 2019)

    Research on Measurement, Directional Evaluation and Optimization of Green Technology Progress in China’s Mariculture Industry under the Background of Blue Granary 

     Utilized mediating effect model to estimate venture capital’s intermediary effect in the progress of marine science and education promoting marine industrial structure upgrading.

     Measured the threshold effect of Venture Capital on marine industrial structure upgrading by employing threshold regression model.

    National Nature Science Foundation of China, Research Assistant (Mar 2019-Jul 2019)

    Research on the efficiency measurement, development mode and optimization path of China’s marine aquaculture industry considering the constraints of ecological environment under the background of Blue Granary

     Measured the technological progress and efficiency of China’s mariculture industry by conducting Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) method.

     Based on the principles of Petty Clark’s theorem, measured China’s marine industry structure upgrading level by using the data of China’s three marine industries added value.

     Conducted Feasible Generalized Least Squares (FGLS) regression to measure the impacts of factors including technological innovation, financial support, opening up, and government actions on China’s marine industry structure upgrading.

    Project sponsored by China Association of Marine Affairs (CAMA) and Association of Ocean of China(AOC), Research Assistant (Dec 2017-Feb 2019)

    Research on venture capital supporting marine economic development 

     Collected data related to China’s venture capital level and marine economic development.

     Used Spatial Durbin Model (SDM) based on economic geography weight matrix to conduct multiple linear regression analysis on the relationship between venture capital and marine economic development.

     Analyzed and summarized the mode of venture capital supporting marine economic development in marine economy developed countries all over the world.

     Wrote a final report.


     Second Author. A Study on Influencing Factors of Optimizing and Upgrading Marine Industrial Structure in China. Journal of Ocean University of China (Social Sciences). 2020; No. 04, pp. 68-76. (Impact Factor 0.970)

     Second Author. Marine science and education,venture capital and marine industry structure upgrading. Science Research Management. 2020; Vol.41, No.03, pp.23-30. (CSSCI, CSCD, JST, Impact Factor 4.280)

     Corresponding Author. Research on the Influence of Real Estate Development on Private Investment: A Case Study of China. Sustainability. 2018; Vol.10, No.8. (SSCI, SCIE, Impact Factor 2.576)

     First Author. Empirical Analysis of China’s Atmospheric Control and Environmental Pollution. Social Sciences. 2018; Vol.7, No.6.

     Second Author. Spatial Spillover Effects of Financial Development on Regional Ocean Economy Growth of China Based on SDM. International Journal of Economics Finance and Management Sciences. 2018; Vol.6, No.3.

     Second Author. Research on Financial Development and Savings Investment Conversion Rate: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Bootstrap Causality Test of China’s Provincial Panel Data. Rural Finance Research. 2017; No.12, pp.30-34. (JST, Impact Factor 1.253)


     College of Economics, Ocean University of China   (2017-2020)

    Master of Economics, National Economics

    Cumulative GPA: 3.67/4.00 Qingdao, China

    Curriculums: Applied Mathematical Statistics, Econometrics, Intermediate Econometrics

     College of Economics, Ocean University of China  (2013-2017)

    Bachelor of Management, Logistics Management

    Cumulative GPA: 3.57/4.00 Qingdao, China

    Curriculums: CalculusⅠ, CalculusⅡ, Linear Algebra, Probability Statistics, Principles of Statistics, Operational Theory


    Teaching Assistant to Ms. XX for Oral EnglishⅠand Oral English Ⅲ Fall 2017

    Teaching Assistant to Professor XXX for Corporate Finance                   Spring 2018


    National Scholarship 2019

    the 8th Academic Star Scholarship of Bank of China for Postgraduate Student 2018

    the First Class Scholarship (4/24) 2018&2019

    Excellent Graduate Student (4/24) 2018&2019

    the Second Class Scholarship Awkward for Excellence (5/45) 2016

    the First Class Scholarship Awkward for Excellence (2/45) 2015



    Statistical Software: STATA, EVIEWS

    Programming Software: MATLAB, Python

    English Proficiency:

    TOEFL: 103;

    GRE: 329 (Verbal: 159; Quant: 170)


    September 24, 2020 at 8:48 pm


    1. Lots of grammatical errors;
    2. Research background lacks technical details (relevant to your proposed study);
    3. CV is poorly structured;
    4. Lots of repetition across ‘experiences.’

    Your CV needs substantive revision.