Governments should place few, if any, restrictions on scientific research and development. Lucas

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  • LucasTom
    University: HDU
    Nationality: China
    September 3, 2022 at 9:01 am

    I fundamentally agree with the assertion that governments should not place too much restrictions on scientific research and development. However, at the same time, the authority should issue some kind of laws that directs the research, while some scientists with extremes mind will do some perilous experiments which may destroy the world such as biological weapons, severe pollution and so forth.

    From the essence of the scientific research, it stems from the natural characteristics of human to explore the world. For the child, they born with curiosity to recognize the circumstances around them like water, air and something man-made in their home. When people go to school, having learnt the basic knowledge of mathematics and physics ignites the passion of teenagers to know more about the nature of the world. After a long time learning, those who finally become a scientist will get enough knowledge that might be a key to a gate of the unknown field. But what if the government takes measures to strictly limit the research for some political purposes by reducing the proportion of the financial expense on research funding, cancelling most of scientific research project applications and even arresting scientists, as a result, people will lose the chance to find out the truth of the world.

    But untrammeled freedom in scientific research is also unacceptable. Image a world without any restrictions on developing weapons and the usage of weapons such as nuclear weapons and biochemical weapons, in which not only the users of those weapons will be extirpated by themselves but also the environment will no longer be for living. Apart from terrible weapons, if the research serves profitable purposes without relevant rules to circumscribe it, it is highly possibly hazardous to the environment and harmful to our health. During the last two centuries, it is obvious that the Industrial Revolution does bring a lot of new technology to human society helping us build up metropolises and making our life more convenient, but it also causes plenty of problems due to previous unlimited business activities and unperfect skills, which our ancestors never faced before such as air pollution, water pollution, and health problems. So, at this time, it is the government’s duty to control dangerous weapons and guide incorrect business activities.

    In sum, governments should put a few restrictions on scientific research and development but not in any cases. The fewer restrictions scientists face, the more likely they are to make breakthroughs. However, the dangerous and not environmentally-friendly research must be controlled by the government.