• lzm20182022
    University: shandongjianzhu university
    Nationality: China
    September 26, 2022 at 10:59 am

    There is a widespread concern over the issue of choice. Just as the cartoon shows, there are a great deal of graduates waiting to find a destination, such as inguring a job, taking an exam of postgraduate, studying abroad, founding career and so forth.
    slightly exaggerated as it is, this picture implies that today’s graduates have a large amount of choice and they also find it difficult to choose the greatest one. Several reasons, from my point of view, are responsible for the graduates lacking clear plans before graduation. First, they may not realise the difficulty of choosing when they graduate. Second, university doesn’t provide guidance to the students well. According to a recent survey made by Prof. Peter, head of the educational School in Yale, about 70% of graduates find it is difficult to make a choice when they graduate. Accordingly, much attention should be paid to this serious problem. To begin with, the university should strengthen the guidance of it. Besides, the graduates themselves should take an explicit plan before graduation.
    In brief, it can be predicted that with the effort of society and individuals, more graduates will make a correct choice.