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    University: Shenyang University of Technology
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    October 15, 2020 at 2:26 am

    Topic:Some people think that art is an essential subject children at school while others think it is a waste of time.

    Discuss both sides and give your opinion



    Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concern about if art should be an vital subject in children’s education. Some people think art plays a great role in the fundamental education of children, others think it’s just a waste of time. My view is that art should be one of the compulsory course for children at school.

    First , it’s obvious that art can make people perceive the world clearlier . Children can admire many kinds of beauty like the color of nature , the complex structure of skyscraper if they can truly understand art ,which will also open their outlook rapidly. To this extent, the subject of art can help children grow.

    Moreover, art can increase the quality of many sides . There are many historical celebrities who are fond of art , for example , Darwin, we all know about him because of the theory of origin of species he create but he was also an art-lover and had little contribution in natural science and mathematics. So, it’s believable that art can play a great role in children life.

    Apparently, rough and excessive teaching will surely waste children’s time , so what we need to do is to improve the quality of teaching and reach the balance between art and other major subjects .

    In sum, it’s essential to take the art into the range of major subjects, meanwhile, the quality and quantity of art course should also be worthy. Only in this way, we can make the art course its real sense of work.