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    July 23, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    The reading explores the issue of how team work make a benefit on solving a discussion or a program. The professor’s lecture deals with the same issue. However, he holds an opposite view of team work actually not so practical, which contradicts what the reading states. And with in the lecture, he uses tow specific points in a research to support his idea.

    First, even though the reading passage suggests that having lots of different people in a group can have a wider range of knowledge and skills, with this the group can come out with some very creative solution for having so many different people and have better reaction to a process. The professor argues in the lecture that the result of team work may not be so pleasant. This is because some members in a team work is taking a “free ride”, which means they do not contribute at all and may get the same reward as the left team members. This is not so fair for these who actually work hard in the group, and they may do not get personal reward either because of the team work. Which obviously, the professor’s argument disproves the point mentioned in the passage.

    Moreover, despite the statement in the reading that group discussion take responsibility to ideas from all members. The professor contends that this will cost lots of time by discussing all statement on one process, in other words, a group discussion actually will not have a look at all ideas and if the process is failed, every member in the group will have responsibility to it.

    In conclusion, the professor clearly identifies the weaknesses in the reading passage and convincingly shows that the central argument in the reading, that benefits made by team work is incorrect.