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    University: Tsinghua University
    Nationality: China
    June 21, 2022 at 1:56 pm

    Nowadays,the pace of the world is getting faster and faster.Even for the students,they have to learn the knowledge quickly so that they can accept more information.Under this situation,some people believe that it is not necessary for the students to learn about history since it’s a waste of time to learn such a subject which won’t help in their future life.However,history is defenitely not useless.As far as economy,social relationship and efficiency are concerned,I strongly hold that all universtiy students should take history courses whatever they major in.

    Having a better understanding of history will be important for the development of a country’s economy.When we face some difficult choices about the economy,there must be already someone who face the same trouble in the history.We can learn the experience from their reaction,and set up a better solution.As we can see from the financial crisis in 20 centuries,it took a long time for American people to recover from the diseaster caused by financial crisis.But such horrible condition never happen after that because the leaders have already learn many things from this famous history tragic.

    Furthermore,it will be easier for the students who are familiar with history to keep a better socail relationship with others.Take the case of my classmate,Sherlp,who has a hobby of reading history books.He thinks history stories are insteresting,so he keep reading one history book for one hour everyday.As a result,when he has a discuss with other people,he can always quote some history classics to strengthen his point,which makes others convinced of him and admire him.

    Nevertheless,a voice raise that if students don’t need to take history courses,they will have more time on other classes,which is more efficient.I don’t agree with this view.As the saying goes,sharp the axes won’t prevent cutting trees.Learning history is an excellent way to know about your own country and even the world.If you have not enough understanding of the place you live in,how can you tell a suitable career from a not suitable one?How can you choose the right class you should take?It is more efficient to learn history first and then take other classes.