Letter of Recommendation for summer school

  • Wanying_SONG
    University: 华中师范大学(硕),武汉大学(本)
    Nationality: 汉族
    April 12, 2019 at 4:49 am

    I am XX, Wanying SONG’s advisor. It is my great pleasure to recommend WanyingSONG for the participation in your summer school 2019. I got to know Wanying as her advisor since Apr 2017, and learned that she has determined to pursue a Ph.D. position in United States the first time I saw her. After that, she works hard towards her goal as she said. During the process advising her research, I am deeply impressed by her diligence, critical thinking and strong ability to analyze and solve problems, execute and deliver results, so I believe the summer school will be a perfect opportunity for her to learn more state-of-art techniques to address the complex issues in Geography research.

    During the period supervising her research, I gradually know her research interests lie in GIS and space-time big data, and she wants to focus on these fields in the future. However, my research involves more in the Health Geography, Regional Development and Demographic Geography using traditional methods, so I intentionally train her in the data analysis, visualization, spatial analysis and map export in GIS context. The research she has finished is really . Besides, I get her involved in the application process of the National Natural Science Foundation of China to cultivate her how to propose a geographic issue, how to develop the case, demonstrate ideas and support her proposal logically. She impressed me another time in her critical thinking and reasoning. So, I believe she has mastered the fundamental knowledge in your summer school, yet still crave for learning more about the knowledge gap. Your summer school will be a perfect opportunity for her to advance her research in geospatial science and data sciences, opening a door of Geospatial Data Science for her and will be a milestone in her research career.

    In the process of supervising her research, she demonstrates the ability to develop the theory and enrich the current research. For example, in the research of Accessibility and Equity of Green Space for the senior citizens based on Ga2SFCA, she extended the definition of Green Space and used multi-sources of green space data to make the research more accurate. She can examine the validity of the method according to our specific data and set a limitation on the method to make it logic. Based on these experiences, I think her efforts and new ideas could be helpful to your research.

    It is my strong opinion that Wanying SONG would be an excellent participant in your summer school, and she deserves my highest recommendation. As a recommendation letter likely only provides a snapshot of her talents and achievements. If you need more information or any questions regarding her character or past academic work, please do not hesitate to contact me at XXX, or by email at XXX. I would be happy to further introduce her.

    Central China Normal University

    April 16, 2019 at 2:07 am

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