Personal Statement for Economics

  • floweringtree
    University: Liaoning University
    Nationality: China
    January 28, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    Personal Statement for Economics

    Most importantly, for the past three years, I have been pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics at Liaoning University, and I rank among the top 10% of the class in this course. My research provided me with a solid theoretical foundation. But I still feel that this is not enough. Therefore, since I entered university, I have been constantly seeking three simultaneous internships (which have kept me very busy!) And I am trying to gain practical research experience. What prompted you to choose economics as your field of study?

    In the 21st century, economics is the most important, but the global economic system is so complex that no one on earth may truly understand it completely. If the world is to overcome the challenges of the current financial crisis in order to maintain economic and world political balance and avoid losing control over and over again, then a deep and detailed understanding of economics is essential.

    But unless the world finds a solution to its international economic system and China finds a solution to overcome the dual minefields of rising labor costs and privatization of large state-owned enterprises, our progress may reverse overnight. For my country and the whole world, I want to be part of solving these problems, and in order to do that, I have to make myself an expert. That’s one of the reasons I chose to pursue a master’s degree in economics. Another reason is that I particularly like to study it, perhaps because it is one of the few disciplines that combines a “humanities” emphasis with a solid mathematical foundation.

    I have been interested in economics for many years. It has always been easy to see how important it is, because economics touches everything. The country I live in has somehow lifted more people out of poverty in the past 25 years than at any time in human history.

    At the Urban Development Bureau of Dalian Development Zone, I use Eviews and SPSS to study the various conditions that affect urban planning. Enter industrial, commercial, and agricultural information into databases; apply key mathematical and statistical concepts, including probability, scores, and rations; and use Matlab to simulate economic models.

    In the private sector, I also worked as an intern in the office of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. At Pfizer, I conducted a market survey to analyze Lipton’s sales and pricing for the past five years. Apply SAS for linear regression analysis to assess the marketability of current prices; and currently participate in the creation, implementation and revision of marketing strategies.

    After earning a master’s degree and receiving appropriate hands-on training in the United States, I intend to return to China to help our country cope with the many challenges it faces in continuing its “economic miracle.” Now that China is in great demand of economists, I hope to spend a few years in private practice to improve my practical understanding of international economics. After that, I plan to study at a university or government research institution. I prefer the latter because I feel that such a position has more influence on my country’s economic policy than a university. However, I remain flexible as this may no longer be the case in a few years.

    My third internship was at the Dalian office of Thumbline Enterprises. Rhumbline is an American company responsible for import, export, and investment between Wisconsin and Liaoning. I am mainly responsible for translation and interpretation of U.S. executives. After conducting proper economic research, I also participated in the publication of two academic papers. The first paper I co-authored was called “Breakthrough Studies in China’s Land Reform Policy” and was published in “Liaoning Economics”. I am also the sole author of another paper entitled “Amusement Park Pricing Methods”, which was also published in “Liaoning Economy”.

    January 28, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    Score: 47.4

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