• Tracey
    University: CUFE
    Nationality: China
    November 9, 2020 at 2:43 pm

    Central University of Finance and Economics                                                Beijing, China
    Bachelor of Economic Statistics                                                 09/2017-07/2021(Expected)
    • Core courses: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Probability Theory, Time Series Analysis, C Programming,
    Statistical Computation, Finance, Financial Statistics.
    • Cumulative GPA: 89.52/100 Ranking 2/35 (for five semesters: 2017 fall to 2019 fall)
    University of California, Berkeley                                                          Berkeley, CA
    Berkeley Global Access program                                                      01/2020-05/2020
    • Courses: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, The Design and Analysis of Experiment, Introduction to Mathematical Economics
    • Cumulative GPA: 3.56

    Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd.                           Beijing, China
    Investment Department Intern                                                   07/2020-11/2020
    • E-documented paper files of fund payment and allocation; maintained and updated the data of payment and allocation
    in the fund information system
    • Used R to visualization IRR J-curve of each fund, then analyzed and gave a presentation of the analysis in film
    meeting; summary the results in R markdown
    • Participated the due diligence on an upcoming fund which has CO-GP structure
    • Summarized the pre-listing market operations of Legend Holdings from its publicly available files

    Central University of Finance and Economics Beijing, China
    Research Assistant in Statistics and Mathematics College 07/2019-09/2020
    • Used R to analyze postgraduate performance of graduates who graduated from the department in the latest three
    years and summarized in a PPT for future presentation
    • Utilized the method claimed by “White Paper of Digital Economy” to account the China’s Digital Economy Scale of
    2017; accomplished “China’s Digital Economy Scale Accounting”
    • Searched and collected historical researches on the topic of “high-quality development”; used the DEA model by
    DEAP to measure China’s high-quality development degree by using the Total Factor Productivity as an indicator
    and compared major cities performance; analyzed relevant parts and collaborated with professors and other RAs to
    finish “High-quality Development Measuring by Total Factor Productivity” which will be incorporated and published
    in “Compilation of Research Reports of Fourth National Economical Census in Beijing”
    • Attended weekly seminars
    Volunteer Activities
    • 2019 China Open Business Reception Volunteer (09/2019-10/2019)
    • Former Residence of Li Dazhao Volunteer Narrator (04/2018-06/2018)

    • Languages: Mandarin (Native), Japanese(Beginner)
    • Programming: R Studio, Python, Office, C, Stata, Jupyter
    • Awards: Aesthetic Literacy Excellent Scholarships(2018), Organization and Management Excellent Scholarships(2019),
    Academic Excellent Scholarship(2020), Women’s triathlon champion in CUFE sports meeting(2019)
    • Interests: Tennis, Chinese Traditional Dance(University dance troupe for three years)

    November 18, 2020 at 9:43 pm

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