Should guns be banned in modern society

  • amilakeung
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    April 5, 2020 at 8:19 am

    It is a long-controversial topic about whether guns be banned in modern society. Guns can be

    considered as a weapon, people can be killed by the weapon, but guns can also save the lives

    of people. By having guns legally, people can make sure their own safety, take one quote

    from Bob Sanford in Miss Sloane, ‘‘From mother losing their kids to guns, to mothers

    protecting their kids with guns. From a battered wife threatened by a bullet… to fending off

    her violent husband with a .38.’’ Guns are not just simply just a weapon, it has also stingily

    bond to modern society, culture, and economics.


    In the year of 2013, Gallup, the American Institute of Public Opinion did a survey on

    people’s opinions about guns, 6 years after, they repeated the same survey, and here’s the

    result: In 2013, the survey shows that 60% of the gun owners considered personal

    safety/protection as the main reason for owning a gun, hunting as the second major reason, by

    36% (Gallup, 2013).


    While 6 years after that, the same survey which newly done for the second time in 2019

    showed that the percentage of the participants of gun owners who considered personal/safety

    protection as the main reason rise up to 63%, and the second main reason, hunting rise up to

    40% (Gallup, 2019).The scoundrel can use guns to attack people, the people can also use

    guns to protect their own safeties.

    The culture of guns are the assurance for safety protections, this has made a great contribution to the civilized developments on human history. Take the United States as an example, along with when the settlers from Europe entered North America in 1607, the British army is yet to be established in America. Therefore, as in a situation which the settlers are in lack of the protections and helps from others, the settlers used guns in order to protect the safety for themselves, and prevent the attacks from the native Americans.

    Since then they have started to use guns for the protection and self-defence for personal safety.

    In the past, guns are used for protecting oneself, the early settlers armed themselves with

    guns for safety reasons, in the year of 1775, during the American Revolutionary War, it was

    the guns which played a major role in helping the Americans to fight against the British

    government and eventually won the freedom and form the lands to be a united nation with 13

    states. Because of its contribution to society, it’s understandable for the Americans to have the

    habits of owning guns in person.

    In the present, the guns are still a weapon for self-defence, as well as protection. But

    guns are not just used to maintain the securities for the modern society, guns are also

    developed to other use, such as weapon collections, there are people who have great interests

    in collecting guns which have pro-founded histories.


    According to the number released by the State Department on 2018, the netting

    American firms in 2018 were up to 13 percent over fiscal 2017 figures when combined

    weapon sales from American companies, ”And there has already been steady growth each of

    the last three years, even before the Trump administration’s reforms kicked in, with $148.6

    billion in total sales in FY16; $170 billion in FY17; and $192.2 billion in FY18.” (Defense

    News, 2018)


    It is undoubtedly that weapons industries have great contributions to the GDP to a

    country, if guns are just simply be banned from modern society, it may cause great problems

    and resulted in issues like high unemployment rate from the expel from weapon industries

    and the incomes of the assets which contributed to the GDP of the countries.


    It is certain that guns are not just a weapon used in the past and in modern society, it also

    bonds to culture and economics. The best way to avoid shooting is not banning the guns

    completely, but strengthen the control of guns.

    April 9, 2020 at 2:50 pm

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