Statement of Purpose for applying the Master of Science in Accountancy.

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  • austin0915
    University: Jilin Agriculture University
    Nationality: Chinese
    March 12, 2021 at 5:02 am

    Through your resume and recommendations, we have a reasonably clear sense of your academic and professional path to date. What do you envision your accounting-related career to be over the next 3-7 years? (maximum 500 words)

    Why do you feel that the MSA program in the Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy would be a good fit for you? (maximum 250 words)

    We offer three specializations within the MSA program. Please explain why you are selecting the specialization you intend to pursue. (maximum 250 words)

    Accounting skills are required in any industry, and a skilled accountant often identifies and solves business problems by generating financial reports for the organization.   As I am transitioning from the military to civilian life this year, I asked myself what career has a strong potential to help me to grow over time and achieve my life goals. After several months research, I found my answer in accounting. The career path as an accountant can be vary but there are no limits, and I know I can be a CEO one day if I have superior accounting skills and ambitions. To fulfill my dream, I believe my first step of applying the Masters of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program in San Diego States University is an appropriate decision.

    I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at XXX University in China, a school with a reputation in business programs. Although I learned various business concepts and skills during my academic years, I wasn’t able to utilize those skills immediately when I graduated due to the fact that I immigrated from China to the U.S within the same year. Ever since then, my life has been dramatically changed. Not only I had to face the challenge of getting a job, but I also I needed to support my family during financial hardship. So, I made a decision to join the armed force as a solution.

    Having a full-time job in the navy did not stop me from pursue my masters degree. Over the past two and half years, I managed my work schedule and earned a Master degree of Public Health at XXX University. I consistently participated classes at night and clocked in hundreds of hours in volunteer work. As result, I gained so much more data analytical, research, problem solving and management skills. However, I wanted to learn more about financial side of healthcare management. Prior to completing my master degree, I was eager to find a financial analyst job and as I was looking through the job discerption, I found one common factor that most organizations were looking for – the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification. I quickly realized that I needed more than just a degree to be able to fulfill the job requirements. Therefore, I started spending my personal time after work online to learn matching skills to be an accountant. For instance, I’ve achieved Microsoft Excel 2019 Expert certificate through my hard work and now I’m learning how to use QuickBooks.

    Many Universities and colleges in San Diego provide accounting programs, but I chose to go to SDSU and there are many reasons behind this decision. First, the MSA curriculum meets the accounting education requirement for the CPA exam in California and the historical pass rates of the SDSU students for taking the CPA exam is relatively high compare to other institutions in San Diego. My goal is to be ready to take exam once I finish the program and this is a crucial element to achieve my long-term goal. In next two years after the graduation, I could see myself work as an auditor in public accounting firms to gain real life work experience and make my way up to work in a senior position. Secondly, the AACSB accreditation tells me that SDSU has strong business culture background and this boosts my confidence level for finding better job positions with attractive wages. Lastly, the school is one of the top veterans’ friendly institution and I deeply believe my background and positive attitude can bring exceptional influence to other classmates.

    The Financial Reporting Specialization (FRS) focuses on the role of financial accounting principles and processes in creating and reporting an organization’s financial statements. Financial statements are critical for investors, creditors and analysts evaluate a company’s financial performance. In addition, it is also important for business decision-making from mangers’ views. According to the MSA-FRS curriculum, it is designed for students interested in pursuing financial reporting careers and corporate industry. It can be customized as students’ need for their goals. One of hardest session of the CPA exams is Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) and historically has the lowest pass rate. I believe if I can complete this specialization, not only I would have higher chance to pass the exam but enhance my ability of generating financial reports as well as business analytical skills.



    March 12, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    Score: 53


    1. About 60% of the sentences exceed 20 words. Simplify or split them. (TOEFL/IELTS: 15%- qualifies for non-software revision; 30% applies to GRE writing)
    2. About 20% of the sentences are passive; convert them into their active counterparts. (10%- qualifies for non-software TOEFL/IELTS/GRE writing revision );
    3. Lengthy paragraphs; restrict each paragraph to 110 words;
    4. Lots of grammatical errors. 

    I will send you screenshots to illustrate specific problems/errors.