The human mind will always be superior to machines because machines are only too

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  • jjjj888
    Nationality: China
    December 9, 2019 at 4:55 am

    The author claims that … I agree with this view because there are more things that human minds hold in compare with machines. Creations and abilities are two important characters that build the foundation of the human mind, that machines cannot learn or gain to mask this lack.

    Creation is essential in many fields, but machines cannot create by their thinking. For example, as the innovation of technology has changed people’s life, artists now can use electronic equipment and computers to create art production. Different things happened in their life inspires the artists to analyze their thinking and show it in the form of arts. There are not only lots of different ways to show their emotions in their artworks, but also thousands of different ways to represent the same object in the structure of art. However, machines cannot create an artwork with a “soul”since they only receive the information that human share with them. The machines can only perform the objects as they have received them, while human minds can be inspired and create new designs.

    Humans can make the decision based on all factors while machines can include the factors as many as human applies. Human can observe the basic situations and make decisions based on their experiences and empathy. For example, parents can observe the emotions of their children by reading from their faces, and then the parents can provide the emotional supports for their children which is important during the growth of children. Machines can never feel and discern the same as humans, especially people with kinship, which may lead to a malign result for children with lack of attention and ignorance.

    Although the development of machines has been faster, human will be able to control the potential risks. Following the development of machine, there will be risks that human may lose the control one day and machine become more superior than human due to their amazing speed of learning. Yet human can carefully invent and innovate the technology, and be prepare for the potential risks now.