The most important problems affecting the society today can be solved during my lifetime.

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  • Alvina
    University: China Agriculture University
    Nationality: China
    October 17, 2022 at 3:36 pm

    The most important problems affecting the society today can be solved during my lifetime.

    Accompanied with the development of society, many most important problems have proliferated. Some people claim it hard to deal with so many  important problems in a short time. However, my view is that it is fairly possible to witness the success of the most important social problems solved during my lifetime.

    Initially, improvement of public awareness gives social problems a chance to be well dealt with. General people have realized that most of social problems are relevant to their own life, such as environmental protection issues and so on. For example, they are more vulnerable to disease if they live with a lot of pollution. As a consequence, they have more sense of social responsibility and are willing to solve the social problems incorporated with local governments. There is a good example of environmental protection issues. Once publics take environmental protection as their own responsibility, they are intended to choose more environmentally friendly lifestyles. They are willing to take public traffic instead of driving cars. And when they plan to buy cars, they take the fuel-efficiency into consideration. This way, the electronic cars will replace the cars consuming gasoline, which reduces air pollution.

    Additionally, government have developed a complete policy system, which speeds up problem solved. Many most social problems cannot be solved by residents themselves, and some solutions need supports from governments. For example, publics have difficulties in access to good health care because of cost and distance. Market-oriented reform increases the price of certain medicines and advanced devices require higher expenses, which causes extra economic burden for general people. The improved health care system establishes social medical insurance that can be afforded by a majority of people. Besides, the health care system spares no effort in building hospitals in rural areas and recruit elites, which has solved the problems on distance of hospitals.

    Although it is possible to take a long time to solve overwhelming social problems admittedly, I have witnessed many problems having been solved and I have benefited from it, since the development of public awareness on participating in social problems solving and policy system.

    October 29, 2022 at 8:31 pm

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