• wangshuoquan
    University: 清华大学
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    May 6, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    TPO writing 61


    In order to save golden frogs from the fungus,scientists have come up with several ways.The first is to introduce a bacterium that produces chemical that kills fungus to the skin of frogs.Other measures include breeding golden frogs in captivity and release them to replinish old populations and relying on the frog to kill the fungus.However,the lecture believes these measures fully not operational.
    Firstly,the lecture points out that introducing baterium will bring only temporary benefits.On the one hand,bacteria living on the skin don’t live long and can only protect the frogs in a short range of time.On the other hand,the chemical that is thought to kill the fungus is only produced in the early colinies of the bacterium,which means that there will be no fungus-proof chemical for the golden frogs present.

    Secondly,breeding fungus-free frogs and releasing them in the wild is believed not working,as other animals in the same environment may contain the same fungus.Once released in the wild,the frogs bred in captivity can easily get infected during their living with old wild ones.

    Thirdly,depending on natural defense is thought unable to produce a healthy frog colony.When the temperature of a frog rises,the frog consumes more energy and may become weaker,which makes it more possible to be infected.As a result,relying on natural defense systems like heating up the frog itsellf may defenses the fungus,but it brings a colony that is not that strong and healthy.


    May 7, 2024 at 2:47 am

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